Fourty five/The end.

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The sun bloomed onto Eva's skin, her eyes beamed of happiness as the monster she once knew, kissed the bump on her stomach. His face tilted up, his eyes searching hers as a smile approached his lips. He stood up, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her towards him, being careful not to crush the life that was growing in her womb. He had swore to stay by her side every second of the day and look after her during her nine months. After that, he was going to become a dad, and she would become a mum. He stared down at the woman that stood before him, proud of everything that was her. The beast still resided in him but it was tamed at the hands of Eva. She had become his soft spot, his weakness, for she had taught him how to love, how to feel. He held her because he knew that she was his, he held her because she was the only thing he wanted to hold. The sun settled upon his sun kissed skin, his green eyes glistening with desire as he stared down at the woman he'd stolen, he had robbed her life and he knew that, but somewhere in the depths of him, the monster that lurked in his bones, wasn't ashamed of taking her, claiming her, possessing her, the monster was proud that he had chosen a beauty to his beast. And somewhere inside the beauty, somewhere in her heart, she was proud that she'd given herself to the monster that stood before her. She was happy that, that monster she knew, was now her beast, her Kaleb. For, they had become one, together they were a whole, together, they were complete. For they, breathed only for the other. And now, they had an addition to them, together, they'd created a life force, a human, a baby. 'Would you care for breakfast in bed with a side of handcuffs, pet?' Kaleb breathed against her lips, intimidating her like he always did, putting her heart to work as it fluttered in her chest. 'Yes, Master.' She kissed his lips then turned around, heading back to their bedroom where her restraints awaited her along with a delicious breakfast he had personally prepared for his beauty and his baby. His eyes watched her back, his heart full of desire and love, for he, ached to feed her his love, for he, ached to feed his beast her presence, for he, was a human and a monster all in one.

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