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"Purple." You call out.
"Tobi wins! Yay!." You hear a high pitched voice scream.
"Good luck with the moron un." Deidara says chuckling.
"Come on Tobi." You said sighing while turning to Tobi.
"Tobi will race you!" Tobi yelled running into the closet.
"Maybe she'll kill the f*cker." You heard Hidan say as you walked into the closet. Kisame came up to the door, "Ok guys. 30 minutes starts now."
As soon as he said that he shut the door.
"Hi ___-chan!" Tobi yelled.
"Hey Tobi." You said.
The closet was a good size. If you sat down against the wall and stretched your legs out in front of you there was still enough room for Tobi to do the same but on the other side.
Tobi was bouncing up and down steadily while you were finding somewhere to sit.
"___-chan!" Tobi called, "Where are you?"
"I'm over here Tobi." You said boredly.
It's not that you didn't like Tobi, you just thought that spending 30 minutes in here with someone who was always suger-high and always runnning around through the entire hideout nonstop. But, you did think that he was funny and fun to be around. You leaned your head back against the wall and started to think of Tobi.
-How can someone like him be in the Akatsuki. We are S-ranked criminals and yet he always acts like a 7 year old. Why would Leader-Sama even accept him in the first place. I don't think he has ever killed anything or anyone. I gotta know what he's hiding. I wonder what- You were cut out of your thoughts by Tobi shaking you.
"___-chan!" Tobi yelled at you.
"What?" You were slightly pissed at Tobi for bothering you.
"Tobi kept calling your name but you weren't answering so Tobi had to shake you to wake you up."
"Oh. Sorry about that Tobi."
"What's wrong ___-chan?" Tobi asked sounding very concerned.
"Nothing, I was just thinking."
"Of what?"
"It's not important."
"Tell Tobi! Tobi wants you to tell him what ___-chan was thinking about!"
You heard laughing on the other side of the closet.
"Poor ___-chan. I would hate to be her un." Deidara said.
"Deidara shut up!" You yelled pounding on the door.
"Does ___-chan not wanna be in here with Tobi?" Tobi asked sounding sad.
"No! That's not it."
"Do you hate Tobi."
"No, Tobi. I could never hate you. You're my best friend."
"Then why was ___-chan hitting the door?"
"Deidara just got on my nerves for a second. I'm sorry if I made you feel like I don't like you." You said.
You got away from the door and walked up to Tobi. (He's about 3 inches taller than you) And you put your arms around his neck and hugged him.
"___-chan?" Tobi asked.
"Yes Tobi."
"Why is ___-chan hugging Tobi?"
"Cuz I felt like it."
 Tobi put his arms around your waist and hugged you back and said
"Oh ok. Well Tobi feels like hugging ___-chan bacl so he will."
You giggled and pulled back from Tobi.
"Hey Tobi?" You asked.
"Yes ___-chan."
"Why do you wear that mask? What are you hiding from everyone? There's no way that someone who acts like a 7 year old all the time could be in a group with S-ranked criminals."
"Tobi isn't hiding anything. Tobi just doesn't think he looks good."
"How did you even manage to get into the Akatsuki then?" You asked.
"Leader-Same asked Tobi to. Tobi guesses no one would suspect a person like Tobi to be in the Akatsuki."
"That can't be it. The Akatsuki is made to kill thousands of people. You haven't killed anyone...as far as I know."
"We are about to open the door ____." You heard Leader-Same say.
"Tobi." You started, "I don't see why you can't tell me. You know you can trust me so...why?"
"___-chan." Tobi started but you interupted him.
"I'm going to figure out what you're hiding from us all... Leader-Same has to know. I'll just keep annoying the shit out of him until he answers me or maybe one day I'll sneak into the room where all of the information is on everyone and find out...in fact I'll do that now."
"___-chan!" Yelled Tobi, but it was to late you had already transported your self to the information room.
Leader-Same opened the door and looked in the room only to see Tobi in the middle of the room with his head down.
"What happened?" Leader asked.
"___-chan wanted to know why Tobi wears his mask and how he got into the Akatsuki but Tobi couldn't tell and ___-chan left to go to the information room."
Pein walked up to Tobi and said in a low voice that only Tobi could hear.
"Madara, go after her. Tell her who you really are. We all know we can trust her. So tell her."
"What did he fucking say!?" Hidan yelled out.
"Leader-Sama told Tobi to talk to __-chan so bye everyone!" Tobi yelled and skipped out of the room.
"Finally un," Deidara said. "I thought he would never leave."

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