Fourty four.

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I stared at the beauty that slept peacefully beside me, her long lashes resting over her pretty eyes. It'd been weeks since I had her back, all to myself, nothing in the way of us. Nothing keeping us at arms length. I buried my face in the crook of her neck, my arm draped over her waist as I pulled her in closer to me. Never wanting to leave her side. She'd unchained me, broke down the walls I'd built up so high. I gave in to her just as much as she gave into me. Although I was on a constant turmoil, I knew one thing for sure, that I'd opened my heart to this one girl, this very special girl. I kissed her shoulder, not being able to hold back from spoiling her with little kisses that ran deep on her skin. She moved her body in my arms, turning over and facing me, her eyes slid open as she gazed into mine. A small smile slipping onto her lips. 'Good morning Master.' She placed small gentle kisses along my chest. 'Good morning, pet.' My fingers dipped into her hair, playing with her silk locks. 'Sleep well master?' She looked up, a devilish look in her eyes as she slid her body away from mine and moved down towards my legs. 'Hmmm.' Was my response as I watched her bend over and run her mouth across my crotch. My lips parted, letting out a breath as she tantalised the beast inside me, awakening it. The palm of her hands fiddled with my now erected member as she rubbed it vigorously. The heat of her mouth replaced the palm of her hand as she licked over my boxer, teasing me, taunting my needy cock. I groaned as my length sprained up, she pulled the boxer down my thighs, her eyes looking into mine as her hand wrapped around my now free'd cock. I could already feel the pleasure building up inside me as her tongue circled my length and then her mouth wrapped around it, a low growl escaped my throat all the while my tip hit the back of her throat. I leaned forward and pulled her on top of me, not giving her a chance to object as I entered her, she moaned at the sudden entry upon her body. I held her waist, my eyes on her perky little breasts as they bounced with every thrust. I was getting harder by the minute, any harder and I'd explode as her walls closed in on my length. My fingers dug into her skin, my cock buried deep inside of her. She panted into the air, momentarily stopping and grinding herself on my cock. I took a deep breath, holding back from pinning her down and fucking the life out of her. My thrusts began again, my hands now on her breasts, grabbing them, squeezing them. 'Mmmm Master.' She moaned again as I picked up pace, a few more strokes and we both came crashing down.

I flipped her over, not pulling out, I wanted to stay inside her, not ready to disconnect from her. My eyes searched deep into hers as my mouth spoke things I wasn't aware of. 'Would you want me to change?' We both stilled at my question. It took her a minute to respond. 'What do you mean, master?'
'Would you want me to treat you differently? If you could change anything about me, would you?' I wasn't sure if I wanted to know her answer, but I knew that I needed to know it.
My heart settled as she shook her head, the corners of her lips curving up into a smile. 'No, I fell in love with you, everything that you are, I wouldn't change a thing about you.' That's all it took for my mouth to come crashing down onto hers. I didn't know if I could change the beast that permanently lived inside me but I was willing to try, if that was what she'd wanted. I was willing to be a better man for her. I studied her face, taking in her features as I questioned myself. How did I ever get so lucky to come across a girl like her? I was a criminal, a murderer, a monster yet she didn't judge me, she accepted me for who I was, she loved me for who I was. Even after everything that I put her through, she was here, not wanting me to change for her, not expecting anything from me but to give her my heart, and right now, in this moment, I knew that my heart already belonged to her. It belonged to her from the day I set eyes on her, it just took me this long to realise that I do truly love her. That I am, uncontrollably and unconditionally in love with her.

She watched me carefully as I stared down at her, lost in my own thoughts. She went to speak but I placed my index finger onto her lips. My heart was accelerating full speed as I tried to form the words. I'd never said this to anyone, I wasn't sure how to say it so I went in for the simple way, simple three words that were about to change everything. 'I love you.' She froze as did I, I wasn't sure why I froze but it felt strange to say that. To tell her how I felt, to expose myself. Tears stung her eyes as she held my face in her hands. 'I love you.' She spoke out, I wiped the tear that escaped her eye and kissed her. Pulling back, I looked into her eyes, never wanting to see a single tear drop out of them. I was going to protect her until the day my heart stopped beating, take care of her. She was my pet now, but one day, one day she was going to be my wife.

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