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Brock's pov.

I chuckle as Jackson tells me a joke.

"That's stupid." I answer as we leave the school.

"Whatever." He chuckles.

We hug goodbye and go out own ways. My parents wouldn't get me my own automobile yet so I had to walk.

They didn't understand my interest in men.

I continue walk as I hear other automobiles drive past me.

The sun sets and I sigh at the darkness. I hear an automobile pull up and something slams me over my head.

I open my eyes and see where in the cold parts of town. I shiver as the cold was starting to creep into my jacket.

"Look it's little ol Brock!" Someone says.

People start laughing.

Next thing I know they're dragging me away from the automobile. "Dig the hole." Someone says.

"No! What!? Stop!" I shout as they start pulling off my jacket.

The hole was getting bigger and I was starting to panic.

They pick me up and drop me in. They then start filling it up quickly. I beg them to stop as someone holds me down by my shoulders.

Soon the snow was filled up to my waist and my pants were soaked and cold. Then the snow is filled up to my neck.

I beg them to help me as they turn and go back into there automobile.

My teeth are chattering as my eyes slowly close.

They get heavier and heavier and I feel me heart slow.

I let my eyes close and exhale, scumming to my death.

Before I lose all consciousness I hear loud rumbling and then my head is covered in snow.

I was entirely hidden.

I was a goner.

Andrews pov.

As we drive away we hear loud rumbling.

I look behind and see snow falling from the higher mountains, Covering up the space we were just at.

"Uh guys?" I called and everyone else turned around.

"SHIT!" Lukas says and the car gets turned around.

We speed back to where we where at moments earlier only to find it completely empty. There was no more markers to show where we buried the queer.

"WE KILLED HIM!" I yell, my panic rising.

"SHIT!" Someone else yells.

"GO GO GO! Drive away now!" Someone else yells.

Time skip- a week has passed.

They went to everyone but me.

They were looking for the queer.

I haven't been able to sleep, the guilt eating at me.

I've seen his parents come to church. They were a wreak.

Because of us.

"Andrew smith?" Someone says and I spin around.

Standing in my doorway was a officer.

"Yes?" I ask biting my lip out of nerves.

"Someone told us that Brock Snuckle was last seen with you a few days before his disappearance-"

I fall to my knees and start sobbing, letting all the guilt and shame out.

"We did it! WE KILLED HIM!" I sobbed.

"Alright son, why don't you come with me and tell me exactly what happened with who and where." He says walking behind me and leading me out of the house.

Smol time skip-

I'm in the station, trying not to cry as I explain what we did.

They took down all the guys names and everything I said.

Then they asked the guys, who gave it up.

We were instantly found guilty.

Sentenced to life in prison for a murder we didn't mean to commit.

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