Chapter 11

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"Hey Gaara?" I called softly. Gaara cocked his head at me slightly. I took in a deep breath. I just have to be honest now. He needs to know about my demon-that I am demon. Its been eating away at me forever. But what If he hates me? I can't lie to him like this... What if he finds out and gets angry that I hid it?

"All Chunin Exam participants please report to the center stadium immediately." The intercoms projected loudly overhead. A few seconds later, Temari and Kankuro appear at the door for Gaara, and Suji and Kisai for me. Gaara scowls.

"Finally." He mutters, hiding the fact that he is always happy to be near you, and that he truly wanted to just ignore that stupid announcement and stay here with you longer. "Let's go." I bite my lip and follow him into the hall. Gaara and I walk slower than the rest and I give Kisai a small signal. She nods barely and walks faster with Suji, taking Temari and Kankuro with them through the doors. I sigh.

"Gaara, wait." I say, gently taking Gaara's wrist. When he stops and turns to me, I let go quickly and look at the ground nervously. Gaara's watches me curiously.

This is it, this is my chance.

Gaara's glowing eyes stared at me- so innocent.


I can't.

He'll hate me.

I sighed hopelessly at myself.

Ignorance is bliss. I weakly tried to justify my cowardice.

"Good luck."

"That's it..?" Gaara's eyes narrow at me. I shifted my weight and took another breath.

"That's it." I say. Gaara rests his hand on my forehead.

"Do you feel sick?" He demanded. I shook my head.

"No I'm fine. Really." I smile. Gaara's natural glare softens slightly. He couldn't help but feel that something was wrong-- are you okay? I smiled again and kissed his cheek. Gaara sighed, supposing that he didn't really know much about the psychology of people to be correct about that feeling. It must be nothing. You are fine.

Gaara presses his lips to mine gently for just a moment, surprising me with his hidden soft nature yet again.

"...Let's go." Gaara says. I nod, but when he turns from me and walks ahead, my smile ebbs away. I'm so stupid.


Once in the arena, I separate from Gaara and head back to my team. They looked at me expectantly; they know what I was going to do. But I shook my head sadly, and they sighed.

"You have to eventually." Suji warned. I sighed.

"I know. It's complicated."

"Attention Chuunin Exam competitors, before we continue to the third exam *Cough* there is something I *Cough* need to tell you. We must *Cough* have a preliminary round first." A jounin with dark bags on his eyes coughed out.

"Preliminary round?! Whats with that!!" Shikamaru demanded. The jounin coughed.
"Well we never really *Cough* expected this many of of you to pass the last *Cough* test." He explained. "There's going to be very important people *Cough* at the third exam, and we don't want to to waist their time." I glared.

"Is this some kind of show or an exam?" I growled. The jounin looked at me.

"It's complicated."

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