Chapter 21: Johnny Boy Farts & A Kiss?

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Thalia's POV

"LALALALALLALALA FUCKING LALALALALA!" I sing. Johnny had left me with his father and he hasn't come back and I'm getting very annoyed. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He says. "That's what I told my parents! They didn't fucking listen!" I say.

The door opens to show Johnny. "Finally!" Johnny's father says running out of the door, leaving me alone with Johnny. "Babe why did you leave me with that mean old man?" I ask.

"Don't call me babe." He says. "That's what she said." I smirk. "Shut up," He rolls his eyes. "Your friend Noah was here, but he actually came here to talk to me."

"He did? What did he want?" I ask. "He wants me to have you, forever." Johnny says. "Look, I know you love me...but that's no excuse-"

"Shut up." Johnny boy states. For an hour we stood there, he was on his phone doing something and I sat on the floor.

There was no noise, just us breathing. Then a nasty smell filled the air with a loud noise. "Johnny boy...did you just...fart?" I ask holding in a laugh.

"W-what...I-I." He blushes. "Awww! That's so cute, but this smell is so NOT cute. So loud and so deadly," I laugh. "I just hate those farts, you know the loud ones that make the worst smells."

"But sometimes that is the silent but deadly farts." Johnny says. "True. That is very true." I nod.

"Oh shut up already." Johnny says rolling his eyes. "Dude, this is so boring. You won't allow me to leave the fucking room. At least let me catchup on the YouTube drama! What is going on with the Paul brothers these days?" I ask.

"You act like you haven't watched them in a year. I hate that Jake Paul dude. I don't know why, he just doesn't settle with me." He says. "I don't like Jake either." I say.

"Logan is okay. I don't like him but I can at least watch his videos without cringing and being disgusted." He says. "Same dude, same. Before I was you know, kidnapped, I'd watch Logan's vlogs every day after school. I'd go to the library or something."

"What would you do if I kissed you right now?" He asks, once he realized what he said he blushes. "What?" I ask surprised. "What?" He asks. "What?" I ask my voice going higher.

"What?! I don't know! Shut up before I throw you out of this place!" He yells. "Fine! I won't shut up! My dream is to get out of this nasty place!" I yell.

"Shut up!" He yells. "You can't tell me what to do, Johnny Boy! I'm a free fucking spirt! I can't stop! I can't just stop living if that's what you want!" I yell frowning.

"Whatever." He rolls his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me Johnny boy! I might be short, but I can beat your ass so hard to the point you won't be able to walk!" I smirk.

"Ouuu I'm so scared!" Johnny rolls his eyes. "You should be terrified," I say, smirking when I continue. "Plus I could tell your gang that you farted. I'm sure they will LOVE to hear that!"

"They would love to hear it, me on the other hand would not. If you tell them, I will blow your head off. It's as simple as that!" Johnny smiles.

"Youre no fun, Johnny boy." I frown. "I get told that a lot." He says. "Yeah, you would get told that a lot." I laugh.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asks scrunching up his nose. "Nothing Johnny boy! Nothing at all!" I smile.

"If I were to kiss you right now what would you do?" He asks with all seriousness. "Ummm I don't know. Why don't you kiss me and find out?" I wink.

"No, ew." He says. "Well excuse me! I didn't want you to kiss me anyways!" I roll my eyes.

"No, you totally wanted me to kiss you." He says. "You are right, I do," I smirk. "When can I leave?"

"What do you mean? You can't leave until I find someone to buy you." He says. "Why dont you just buy me?" I ask. "What's the point in that? Why would I?"

"Because you are in love with me." I smirk. "I am not in love with you!" He yells. "Yes, yes you are. You are MADLY in love with me and my hotness." I say.

"No I'm not." He says. "Yes you are!" I say. "You know what, I'm done." He yells running out of the door and slamming the door. But not before I leave one last comment. "Well, I didn't think we would break up like this! But whatever!" I yell. Well, he left me. Untied, on the ground. In a room. What should I do now?

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