Fourty two.

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The cuffs dug deep into my wrists, darkness clouding my vision as I opened my eyes, I was blindfolded. My wrists bound to the wall behind me as I sat on the cold hard floor. A feeling I was familiar with, a feeling that made goosebumps rise above my skin as I inhaled the thrill that went right through me. I was back in the same place I'd started, back in the basement of my masters large empty house. This time, it was different, this time, I wanted to be here. I belonged here. And this time, I didn't need to check and make sure I was intact, I knew I was intact, I knew I was complete with the monster that lurked in the shadows. My monster.

'You're awake, pet.' His words hit home, the first words he'd said when I had awoken here the very first day. My heart melted at the memories. My body ached as his footsteps got closer to me. I could feel him crouch down in front of me, his knuckles tracing over my jaw, I inched into his touch, wanting more, never having enough. He gripped my chin into his hand, pulling my face towards his, his mouth crushed against mine and then too quickly pulled away. 'I told you I'd come back for you, pet.' I shivered at the feel of his breath on my lips. He had said he would come back for me, like always, he kept his word, like always, he found a way to possess my soul.

'Are you ready to surrender yourself to me, pet? every single part of you?' I gulped down the moistness of my mouth, 'yes Master.' I breathed. His intimidating demeanour made my insides churn. I was ready, I had never been more ready. 'Then do it, show me.' He tested me, I knew what he wanted, I knew he wanted me to step over any pride I had left, any dignity and show him that I was ready, I was his. He wanted me to beg, the one thing I hated doing, the one thing that he loved. I swallowed down my pride and spread my legs apart, my heart beating drums in my chest as I spoke out the words he wanted to hear. 'Please master, please take me, make me yours' I waited, he didn't respond. Not good enough. 'I beg you, I beg you to let me surrender myself to you, I am yours, my body, my mind, my soul, it all belongs to you.' The silence continued, I could hear him breathing now, the pressure building up as the tension grew. I closed my eyes beneath the blindfold, took a deep breath and.. 'fuck me Master, fuck me, please make me cum, please fuck the life out of me, fuck me till I can't breathe anymore' I was panting, my heart was beating so fast, I thought I'd have a stroke and then, it all froze. I froze as he responded, as he accepted. 'Good girl.' My favourite thing to hear from his lips. I felt satisfied that he was pleased with me, that he was praising me, for it was, all I looked forward too.

I didn't realise how I ended up with his member in my mouth but here I was, sucking on it like my life depended on it. I sucked with everything that I had, in between my legs already soaking as he hit the back of my throat. I gagged around his length, never getting use to the largeness that was him. I moaned against him, wanting more and more. He pulled out and suddenly I couldn't breathe as I felt his mouth at my centre, at the core of my pleasures his tongue traced over my slit, awakening something deep inside me. I moaned into the silence, wanting to run my fingers through his hair but the restraint kept me from doing so. My body was shaking with every thrust of his tongue that hit the walls inside me. I was already close to exploding and he had barely begun. His mouth felt hot against me, fevering my skin. A finger slipped inside of me, joining the tongue that was already buried deep, my stomach turned with the intense pleasure I felt as he brought me to the edge, I moaned out loud, my body shaking, my insides clenching as I felt myself releasing my lust onto his tongue and finger. He pulled away, putting his finger into my mouth, I could taste myself on his skin. He stood up and my heart dropped when I heard the sound of him zipping up his pants. 'You didn't.. cum, master.' I blushed at my own words, I don't think I could ever get used to being so open. I felt him lean down, then his hand pet my head. 'You need to earn that from now on, pet.' And with that, he left, left me to the darkness of this empty room, only this time, I enjoyed the feel of being here, I enjoyed the frustration that ran through me as I waited for my Master.

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