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You will think by now Cara should have gotten used to Xander's unfailing ability to get her upset, but it seems that every time, he seems to attain new heights when it comes to pressing Cara's buttons. 

There Cara is, seated in the sitting room in her blue dress, makeup done and hair made straight. Yeah, Cara should back out on the date, but she took time to pick the perfect outfit, the least she can get is dinner and a jet ride out of it.

"Madam Cara," Marco calls out to Cara as he walks into the sitting room.

"Cara," Cara corrects him quickly.

He nods before he proceeds, "Sir Alexander is currently occupied, I was instructed to drive you to the hangar, where he will meet you."

At least she doesn't get to see his face for the whole drive there. They might not even make it to dinner before she throws the DNA result to his face.

"Cool," Cara comments as she stands up and picks up her little Gucci bag where she put the paper in.


Xander waves Marco off, as he makes it his task to open the door for Cara.  He opens the door to see a stunning woman in a blue dress who has a frown on her perfect face.

"I apologize for being tardy," Xander says as he stretches his hands forth for Cara to grab but she ignores the hand and gets out of the car by herself.

"You look beautiful," Xander compliments.

"I know," Cara says with a fake smile as she heads towards the opened Jet.

Xander smiles as he watches her walk away from him in anger.


Xander can feel the tension, although he tried to make small talks during the dinner but Cara has intentionally been ignoring him. He doesn't want to ask, as he fears that he has done something wrong because that's all he has been doing lately.

He just wanted this night to be special but he eventually has to pull the bandaid and ask, which he did, "D-did I do anything wrong?"

That's the question that Cara has been waiting for the whole night. She's never one to keep her anger concealed.

"You tell me?" Cara takes her bag from the corner of the table, opens it and brings out the envelope. "Tell me when you requested a DNA test," She shoves the envelope across the table.

There it was, another of his mess up which will ruin a well-intended attempt to get to know the raging woman before him. Xander does recall telling Gwen not to do the test anymore, but she did has she wanted. Now, Xander will take into consideration choosing another doctor, probably one without a crush.

"I can explain," Xander says after clearing his throat.

Before he can give an explanation, the waiters approach their table with the dessert they ordered.

"Sir, Madam, your dessert," The waiter smiles as she says.


Cara interrupts Xander, "If they put the dessert on this table, there's nothing that will stop me from throwing it at you." Cara says with a wicked smile on her face.

Although angry Cara is a danger to him and his thousand dollars suit, she is hot. But Xander won't want to risk it, "You can take them back, "He dismisses them.

They both leave with the mouth-watering desserts they intended on serving the pair.

"Well, your explanation!" Cara yells.

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