Chapter Seven: Shi no Tenchi

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Chapter Seven: Shi no Tenchi

She slipped out of the house and used her chakra to make her way up onto the roof where she liked to sit when she couldn’t sleep. It surprised her to fine someone up on the roof already. Crying softly to them self. There back to Summer as she slowly made her way over to find…


Haku, sat on the roof with his knees tucked up to his chest as he hugged them and cried softly into them. Summer took a seat next to him. He shifted a bit and looked her way. She didn’t say anything as she lipped her arm around his shoulders and gently pulled him so he lent on her shoulder.


They sat like this for a while as Haku calmed down and stopped crying. Summer keep her eyes out over the sea in front of them. “Why were you crying?” She asked after a while.


“Umm…” He looked down at the roof at his side a bit.


“You don’t have to tell me, not if you don’t want to. But I’m willing to listen and I won’t tell anyone.” Summer said, her eyes still out over the sea as she rubbed up and down his arm a little.


“I miss my mom.” He said in a quiet voice.


“What happened to her?” Summer asked.


“My father, he killed her and then turned on me.” It was clear in his voice he was holding back more tears.


“Let them tears fall.” Summer said, softly and kinda as she gently pulled him into her lap. His side pressed to her chest and his head on her shoulder. She hugged him close and tightly. Gently rocking from side to side with him. Just like her father done for her when she was missing Zabuza. Letting the boy cry on her as she held him. Keep him safe until he fell asleep in her arms.


It was nothing more than what she owed him after holding her all night thought the storm.

“Summer, baby girl, time to get up.” Kakashi called gently as he moved to stand over Summer’s bed.

“I want to sleep.” Summer answered, rolling over and turning her back to him.

“Get up Summer!” Kakashi shouted this time.

“Okay, god, it’s the morning. It’s not time to be shouting.” Summer moaned as she sat up in the bed. Summer yawned and stretched just as someone knocked on the door.  The pair in the room shared a look before tugging on their masks.


Summer hopped out of the bed as Kakashi headed to the door and opened it to find Haku stood with a smile on his face.


“Yes?” Kakashi asked.


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