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" I tried to fall asleep but all I could think about was how I was going to tell Logan "


Y/N p.o.v.

I managed to fall asleep at the end of the flight which wasn't the best thing. I was dreaming about Logan not believing me and breaking up with me.

I heard clicking noises which made me wake up. I opened my eyes and saw Brendan with a camera pointing at me. "Brendan what the fuck" I said rubbing my eyes "shut up" he said rolling his eyes looking the other way
"Ok I don't even know what the fuck I have done to you why are you acting like this ?" I said tapping his shoulder for him to turn around " don't talk to me " he said slapping my arm away " you know what you can fuck off you are fake as fuck " I said turning to my side

And that's how it was until we landed which thankfully wasn't a long time. I don't get how someone can be so annoying and fake.

We had finally landed and we both got up to get off the plane. His camera was still in his hand which made me uncomfortable. I was getting my stuff when I turned around and saw him taking pictures of me. I had enough of him so I pushed him to the side lightly and got off the plane.

When I got off I searched for Logan when I saw him talking to Brendan. My heart dropped when he looked at me with a hurt look. What did Brendan say to him ? I am fucked there is no way to fix this he won't believe me ugh!

Logan started coming towards me when I remembered I had taken pictures of the paper earlier. As I was searching for my phone I couldn't find it. From the corner of my eye I saw Brendan holding it with a smirk. I was about to tear up because I knew his stupid ass ruined everything.

"Y/n ?" He said. I looked up not saying anything " Logan it's not like that I swear he is lying to you " I said with tears fighting to come out. By this time a lot of Logan's fans had circled us. " Brendan never lies to me he wouldn't do that. But why would you tho..?" He said looking at me " I swear Logan I am not lying he started it I don't like him." I looked down

" Y/n there is something you should know..." he said lifting my chin up and sighing after " Logan.."I said holding his hand looking at the ground " YOU DONT FUCK WITH THE LOGANG BABE" he said jumping around as the fans around started clapping and laughing

" what ..." I said looking around to see everyone filming when I felt a hand pull me to one side. " it was all a prank " he said smiling. I wasn't having it tho. " what do you mean it was a prank Logan do you know how much that-ugghhh! " I said hitting his chest as he hugged me while I calmed down.

" KISS KISS KISS " the fans around us were yelling. He pulled me towards him as every one was taking pictures:

 He pulled me towards him as every one was taking pictures:

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Everyone was clapping as I just smiled it off looking at Logan who was blushing. I hugged him and got on my toes 'don't do that to me again you little bitch' I said laughing wiping the tears from my eyes away. He smiled and pulled me from the ground to his hug . We decided to finally leave cause of the security that yelled at us and the crowd around us.

At the apartment

"Why did you do that?" I asked putting my suitcase in our bedroom as Kong was humping my leg. " it was a test! Aren't I a fucking genius?" He said pointing at the camera that he was holding " sure you keep saying that to yourself babe " I said kissing his cheek and going to the closet bending down on purpose.
" I am going to take a shower chao!" I said walking towards the bathroom.
" BABE " he said yelling " OI MATE " I yelled back " WE ARE GOING TO ITALY TOMORROW" "MKAY WHY?"
" YOU'LL SEE " " Ok whatever " I said taking my clothes off.

Mid shower I heard the door opening. " mind if I join?" I heard Logan say cause nobody else was in the apartment " yeah I do mind " I said washing my hair "oh come on babe pleaseeee" Logan said " not today Satan " I said as a reference. I turned around to wash the shampoo off my hair when the shower curtain opened. " oops... How did I get in here?" He said pretending to be confused "whatever " I said " do you mind grabbing the shampoo for me?" He said pointing at it " yeah here you go " I said grabbing it and turning around to see Logan inches away from my face. " logann" I said giggling "whaaat" he said mocking me "stahhhp" I said slapping his chest "how about noooo" he said slapping my butt looking at me with a smirk " not tod-" I said as he cut me off

" BOOORING" he said pulling me in his arms as he started to kiss me. He grabbed my face " I love you,I do. And I promise I'll say I do to you. You are going to be my wife and you are going to have my children promise ?" He said looking in my eyes puffing his cheeks as I laid on his chest "promise" I said with tears an hugged him tighter " we should get out of this shower now tho" I said looking up at him "mhm" he said smiling with his cute smile that I adored.

I put this on and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

You can choose the color yeet

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You can choose the color yeet

" logey" I yelled " yeah " he said back " what do you want for dinner " " idk" he said "mkay " I said getting the ingredients.

After we ate we cuddled on the couch with Kong on logan's head


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