Chapter Forty-Nine» Three Months

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" You're three years late"

I whispered softly. The words barely coming out; muffled by the contained emotions. Knowing I no longer could fight. That all I wanted was to run and never come back. Why, because I was a coward.

I always ran. It became a reality for me, an escape to another world. A parallel world where everything was all good. When things got hard I always looked for a route to escape. But there was nowhere to run now, all doors have been closed. There was no pretending now.

The chilly midnight breeze settled in across the room. Whispering a tale of a new beginning; yet I remained in a loophole of dilemma. Seeing my world repeat itself again and again.

The sound of a slow knock on the door followed by the low creak of the wood opening. Echoed across the quiet room. Filling upon my muddled mind.

I didn't need to turn around to know who it was. The familiar scent of lavender and jasmine washed past me; filling my nostrils. Sitting upwards on the bed I felt the slow shuffling and low sounds of feet patterning  before the mattress dipped lightly.

We stayed in silence for the longest of time. Each one lost in our thoughts. Trying to make sense of the spinning world. A warm hand slowly reached towards mine; the contact insoluble to my cold ones;  feeling my mother let out a soft sigh.

" What does your heart say to you Naina"

The simple sentence was like a smack across my face. A force to be reckoned with as I felt all my emotions running to the tip of my heart. Ready to explode.  The container of emotions I wielded now came to unleashed hearing my voice speak. A lullaby in the dark.

" That am weak. That I'm unable to fight for myself. That my brothers are fighting all my battles whilst I watch"

I whispered. The words barely coming out. A metallic taste suddenly splurged at the back of my throat feeling tears of shame well up in my eyes. A long silence was followed by my statements till I heard the familiar voice speaking. Making my stomach turn.

" If that's what you think Naina. Then you really are the most naive girl I know" Mum whispered, her large hazel eyes snapping towards me. The anger and utmost shock in them making a cold shiver swell down my spine.

" It wasn't your brothers, it wasn't me, nor was it your Abba who got shot. You were the one that fell down that dreadful cliff. Baby we had lost you and would have if Aman hadn't come to see you that day.

Naina you aren't weak. You're the bravest young woman I know. You've seen everything you've loved pass by your fingertips yet you remained strong. First, it was that boy Saif leaving on your wedding. Then your Abba's clever idea to get you married to Omar. I never wanted you to get married in to that household, but-. You're my only daughter. My little angel Naina. Don't you dare listen to anyone. You aren't weak, you're the strongest woman I know."

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