07: Snap

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Scars speak louder than the sword that caused them.

07: Snap

"Are you mad? Ales, it's 12- past curfew! If we get caught, we are in so much trouble!" I exclaimed, trying to pry her hands off her arm.

"Come on! It'll be fun!" she giggled, pushing her hair out of her face.

I shook my head violently. "Ales!"

"Come onnn. Don't you want to see Damien and Caius? Especially now since that fight in the football match? We have to take care of them!" she pleaded convincingly.


"You're no fun, Mom," she pouted.

"Ales," I warned.

"Do you ever listen to me?" she said in a snarky way. I frowned at her change of tone.

I sighed. "Fine," I hesitantly said. I would regret this later – I'd probably get in to so much trouble. But Ales wanted this so bad for some odd reason. "Yeah, let's go."

She beamed, immediately dragging me by her hand as she shut off our lamps and closed our door quietly.

The hallways were pin drop silent and the shadowed figures of doors and windows in the dark guided the way out. There was not a light to be seen – had I been alone, this would've frightened me to no end. I had read too many books to know the way this went – after reading only a few chapters of It by Stephen King, my fear of clowns shot to the roof. How anyone could enjoy horror like his was beyond me.

Ales' tight grip on my hand was reassuring as we finally reached the boys dorm hall.

"What room?" she whispered.

"Uh..." I mumbled, telling her to hold on as I tried to remember. "Room 6513... 12? Wait- isn't it on the second floor?!" I muttered.

"No wait... Dixie I swear it's-"

"No, because they switched the floor, remember? When fungi mushroom boy had-"

"Yes but afterwards, they went back to the floor when Caius twisted his ankle in winter break –"

"No but-"

"Who's there?!" a voice called out. Ales' hold on my hand tightened and our eyes widened as we immediately ducked into the walls.

"Fuck! Who's there?" I whispered to Ales.

"A counselor. Shoot!" she muttered.

This was a terrible idea.

"You boys realize coming out past curfew so late is against dorm rules, yes?" a deep voice called out. It was definitely a counselor and I could start to feel my palm sweat against Ales'. We were so screwed.

"What do we do?!" she frantically muttered. I shook my head, unsure and tried to look around for a distraction. There was no way to get out now – we were either stuck here till morning or we could find a way out. Right now, I couldn't tell us which would get us in more trouble if we were caught.

"Ales- there," I grinned as an idea clicked. "The vase. On the flower table!"

"What?" she frowned, unclear.

"You're closer to it. Find something to knock it down. Once its down, we can run up the stairs on the other end of the hall – I know where the room is."

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