Riptide by @GavinHetherington

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'That isn't true,' Ellen said with a chuckle

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'That isn't true,' Ellen said with a chuckle. 'You always make the craziest shit up!'

'I swear it on the life of my mother,' Victor replied with one hand above his chest and the other in the air.

Liam, who sat on the opposite side of the campfire to Victor, shouted 'considering how much you hate her, that really doesn't say an awful lot, does it?' His arm was wrapped around a beautiful female, Grace, who was too scared to utter a word. They shared a blanket.

Ellen sat within arm's reach of Victor, not allowing him to touch her. She wanted to move back a few feet away from the fire, its flames now so intense that beads of sweat dripped down her forehead.

'Nobody,' Ellen continued, 'has ever met Justin Bieber, gave him a high five and slapped his arse. You're a liar Victor.'

'Then why is she so scared,' he asked, pointing towards Grace. 'She believes it.'

They all laughed, including Grace, who started to relax. 'I'm not scared of the story,' she said, 'it's just a little eerie being out here.'

'Do you hear that?' Liam said to her in a voice so soft it was sure to reassure her. 'The ocean. Doesn't it sound beautiful? You really can't get better than this, can you?'

'I guess not.'

'Besides,' Victor said from the other side, 'the night is still young, the fire is still hot, and I have a dozen more stories to tell.'

'Not another story is coming out of your lips,' Ellen told him in a voice that reminded him of his mother. He dared not mention that to her. 'I will be the one telling the stories from now on. Jesus, Victor, you're really shit at this.'

'Then try and do better, my love,' he said sarcastically.

'Listen up because I'm about to tell you guys about a man named Jack.'

Grace's timid voice came from nowhere. 'The guy from our theatre class? He's nice.'

'Nope. The legend of Jack who lived in these woods, in a house near the ocean... a house near this very spot.'

Grace retreated further into Liam's arms. Ellen watched her with glee in her eyes that her story was already striking more fear into her fellow campers' hearts. Her story was definitely scarier than meeting Justin Bieber.

'There isn't a house near this spot,' Victor pointed out. 'We scouted this place out this morning. If there was a house nearby, we would know about it.'

'Duh,' Liam shouted from the other side of the fire. 'That's why it's called a legend. Obviously the story isn't true... right, Ellen?'

Ellen gave him a smile. 'Don't spoil my fun, jeez. Let me get started. So, it all started when Jack built the house to live in...'

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