ch 4

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Aquamarine's POV

It's been 3 months and I'm working as a porn star for girl on girl films.  I work with Lyla.  Donna was killed a month ago.  Abel was brought home and my dad moved out to live in his trailer. Happy and Remington practically live with me.  We haven't seen anything of Chris and Brian for 3 months.  I'm kind of worried about it.  Anyways I just got to work and went to my changing room.  I walked in and Ima was laying down.  She smiled at me and I nodded.  I never liked her.  She always caused drama with my family's club.  Anyways I changed and just as I slipped on my robe the door opened showing Happy.  He made Ima leave.  She left and he sat down. 

"Hey darling.  You okay?" I asked closing my robe. 

"A boy showed up bloody and brusied at the club house asking for you." He said and I looked at him. 

"What's his name?" I asked grabbing a cigarette and lighting it. 

"Tyler." He said and my heart broke.  I got dressed and walked out with my things. 

"Auntie Luann something came up I'll be back to do the film." I said and she saw Happy and nodded. 

"Be safe sweetie.  Take care of my Niece." She said kissing my cheek and Happy nodded.  We left. 

Tyler's POV

I was shaking and I need Aqua. The door was thrown opened and there she stood. 

"Oh sweetie." She said and rushed to my side. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she pulled me closer to her. 

"Sweetheart what happened?" She asked pulling away and I looked up at her. 

"Chris and Brian.  They think we did something to Jim." I said and sniffled.

"Oh sweetie I'm sorry they got you invovled." She said tears welding in her eyes. 

"I'm gonna get you out of the country.  I know some people in Ireland that can help you get on your feet." She said and I shook my head. 

"No we have to deal with my brothers Aqua.  They killed mom because she didn't care what happened to Jim because of the way he treated you.  Think about what Roma and mom would do please.  We can't let them keep doing this." I said and she let tears fall down her face. 

"I know baby.  And they won't.  Don't you worry.  But your going to Ireland end of discussion.  Don't fight me on this because you won't win." She said and I sighed. 

"Just don't die.  Your all I got left of mom.  She loved you." I said and she nodded. 

"I know baby and I won't.  You see all these men.  They got my back always.  I'll be sure to let you know when it's done.  Now your going to rest while I get your shit ready for you to leave for Ireland." She said and I nodded.  The prospect to me to a spare room. I heard someone yelling at Aqua which made me worry. 

Happy's POV

"Don't you fucking dare say this is my fucking fault.  I helped raise that boy from the age of fucking 10. He ain't no rat and I'll be damn if he gets killed,  Clay." Aqua yelled and everyone was shocked by her out burst. 

"You touch a single hair on that boys head and I swear on my uncle Otto that you will be dead the second he takes his last fucking breathe." She growled and grabbed her phone and cigarettes and went to the chapel.  I went in and she was on the phone smoking a cigarette.

"You okay?" I asked and she nodded as hung up. 

"I got him a flight to Ireland, Belfast tomorrow night. My friend Maureen said he could live with her and her daughter." She said and I nodded. 

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