Fourty one.

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The sound of the water running informed me that my little pet was indeed in the shower. I traced my fingers across her bed, the mattress she laid on, the mattress I destroyed her in a few nights ago. I smiled at my shameful thoughts. I placed a red silk dress and red heels on her bed then made my way to the bathroom. I waited till she stepped out of the shower then wrapped one arm around her waist and placed my other hand over her mouth, preventing any scream that was going to erupt from her. I traced my lips over to her ear, her body trembling against mine. '8pm, wait for me a block away from your house, don't bring your phone.' I could hear her heart pounding in her little chest as she nodded her head.
'Oh and, wear the dress I set out for you on the bed, it will be the last time you'll be clothed, pet.' She nodded again, her body tight against mine, I wanted to rip into her skin. I let go of her mouth and pulled out a red leather collar from my pocket, she waited in silence as I wrapped it around her neck, securing it tight. I ran my finger across her shoulder, placing my mouth at her ear again. 'Close your eyes and count to ten.' I kissed her shoulder then left before she was done counting. Soon I'd have her back, and this time, there would be no letting go.

I waited a block away from her house, it was 8:01pm. She was a minute late. My eyes raked over her body as she stood in a corner, the red silk dress hugging her skin, the red heels planted on her feet. She had curled her hair and wore it up, her lips a matt red, her eyes dark. She searched for me, looking from side to side. I drove my car over to her, she watched me get close, fiddling with her hands. I got out of the car and strode closer, she never took her eyes off me, I could see the adrenaline that ran through her as I stood right in front of her, she looked up, biting on her bottom lip, oh how I loved when she did that. I held her face in my hands, then clashed my mouth onto hers, kissing her breath away. It felt like an eternity before I pulled away, yet it seemed like it wasn't enough. 'Master' her voice was barely a whisper, I'd missed the way she called me that. I lead her to my black Audi R8 and opened the door for her, closing it shut after she slid inside.

The car journey was mainly silent, I knew she was nervous, she probably didn't know what was going on as I drove us to an elite restaurant. I watched her squirm under my gaze, feeling intimidated by the way I looked at her. I was hungry, not for food but for her. She went to speak but I shushed her. 'No talking, just relax and take in your surrounding, enjoy it because soon, you'll only have me to enjoy.' I could see the questions running wild through her head as my words connected with her ears. She looked down and ate the food I'd ordered. I stared at the beauty that sat in front of me, every single part of me wanted to take her right here right now. Her attention fell at me as I cleared my throat. I tilted my head to the side then stood up, she knew that it meant, follow me, so she came after me, following me to the restroom. As soon as we were inside, I pulled her up and sat her on the sink. She stayed quiet as I spread her legs, undoing my pants, letting free my starved cock. It sprained up, waiting at attention. 'Mast..' I wrapped my hand over her mouth, no interruptions, I had to be inside her. I pushed aside her panties and rubbed my tip over her opening, she gasped as I slid in. 'Fuck' I growled, picking up pace, thrusting into her. I could never get enough of this, enough of her. A low moan escaped her lips, her hands clutching onto my back as I pushed deeper into her, filling her insides with every single inch of me. My hand found the mirror behind her and pressed against it as I demolished her confined pussy. As I got closer to my undoing, I pulled out then pulled her on her feet, she slid to her knees, her mouth already spread open, I jerked my cock into her mouth, spilling my semen on her tongue and her lips. I pulled away and watched her swallow it, licking her lips clean. That, that was going to be the death of me.

We walked out of the restaurant like nothing had happened. My little pet sat in the car in silence as I drove away from this town, never planning on coming back. I glanced at her as I felt her eyes on me. 'What is it, pet?'
'Where are we going Master?' I could sense her uneasiness, I knew she was still afraid of me, somewhere deep down, she still wanted to deny me but I had her in too deep, I had a lock on her that she was never going to escape from. 'Home' I spoke, taking a look at her, she smiled at my answer, biting down on her bottom lip, we were going back home.

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