Chasing Pavements

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This novel is not for those who are under 18-including myself *winks*. Just kidding! Well, I couldn't care less if your under-18 as long as you're into stories filled with mature contents.

As obvious as it is, this is an adult-themed novel so the story contains sexually explicit scenes. Don't judge me just because I'm writing adult-themed novels. I just enjoy writing stories that are totally out-of-the-box for me. I just hope you enjoy this.

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Chasing Pavements


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Angela Stuart

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He pressed me my back against the cold cemented wall. I can feel the warmth of his broad body wrapping my petite one. He cornered me by putting his hands on the empty space next to my head. He locked his deep emerald eyes on my round honey gold ones. I wondered what’s on his mind. I stared at him searching the depth of his eyes when his fine crimson lips formed a wicked smile-that smile has always made me lose control.

My cheeks burned red again. I can’t help but blush around this guy. He always got this weird affect on me ever since I met him. I should get used to his god-like presence now.

''You’re blushing again, Angela. '' His silky smooth voice filled my ears sounding so sexy that it sent shivers down my spine. Before I knew it, he crashed his lips on mine. He kissed me hard and dominant. He loves being dominant and I liked that too. I fought the kiss moving my lips along with his. I clung my petite arms around his neck deepening the kiss. He wrapped his muscled arms around my narrow waist.

Soft inevitable moans escaped my lips earning a growl from him. His hands lowered grabbing my perky bottom giving them a gentle intimate squeeze earning a gasp from me.

His kissed trailed down from me lips to my cheeks and lingered on my neck nipping on the soft sensitive skin there. I whimpered at the feel of his lips on my neck reclaiming his mark there.

I was having a problem hiding his mark on my neck at work, but right now? I'm too consumed by his kisses, his intoxicating citrusy scent and his addictive touch. He gripped on the hem of my yellow sun dress pulling it up to expose my round creamy white legs.

He began rubbing my thighs squeezing them occasionally. I let out a sigh as my hand move up to grab a fistful amount of his silky soft champagne blond hair as the other grabbed the back of his beck burying him deeper in my neck.

His hands move up to remove the spaghetti thin straps of my dress to expose my shoulders. My sun dress dropped at my feet. There I stood with nothing but my white lacy panties on.

His emerald eyes scanned my body with lustful eyes. My cheeks reddened immediately. Wasting no time, he attacked my breasts taking one nipple in his mouth while his hand gently kneaded the other.

''Hmm…'' I moaned softly enjoying his touch. I grabbed the hem of his white shirt telling him I want it off him. He moved away from my breasts to pull his shirt off him.

His muscled chest and arms, gorgeous six packs almost made my mouth water. His muscles begged me to touch them. I wasted no time and wrapped my arms around his gorgeous physique. His soft lips landed on mine for another wildly intimate kiss following his lead as usual.

His hand moved down my inner thigh making his way up. I felt his hand on my white lacy panties. I broke the kiss for air tilting my head back against the wall as he buried his face on my neck. He began planting sweet soft kisses on my neck-gently nipping on the sensitive skin there.

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