Part 36 - Loud music will damage your ears

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I was dragged back and placed into a chair and hand cuffed to a chair once again, I was blind folded and what felt like headphones were placed over my ears. Music began to screech from the speakers and flow into my ears, it was deafeningly loud. I needed to get these off. I threw my head back with one swift movement, they were nearly off, the volume was unbearable! I leant my head forward and threw it back again, the headphones slipped off my ears and laid neatly around my neck. That's better... I could hear voices, I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. I heard words like prison, survivors, kill and fight. oh no... i had to get out quickly and get back to the prison and warn the others... I wonder if Tom had managed to escape... I hope he was okay.

Right, now for these handcuff-The door opened, followed by footsteps. I moved my head towards the noise, I paused and held my head there, my breath quickened as the footsteps approached and stopped in front of me. My heart was in my mouth. Who ever it was had cleared their throat and took off my blind fold, I still kept my eyes shut to avoid blinding myself. My eyes slowly crept open to reveal a small wimpy man with glasses, he had a clipboard and pen in his left hand. "M-m-my name is Milton Mamet... I'm a scientist... I'm here to take a blood sample, just to make sure you aren't infected" he explained timidly, avoiding all eye contact with me. "If I was infected I would have turned already, I've been knocked out so many times I don't even know how long I've been here" I replied to him not caring about my fear of needles. "I'm sorry, Governors orders... and you've been here for three days" he said, still avoiding eye contact as he took a sample from my arm, three days? wouldn't the group have some clue of where I was by now? maybe they weren't looking for me... My thoughts were disrupted but Milton, he was already on his way out, heading towards the door. "You do know we're all infected right?..." He stopped dead in his tracks, and turned to face me for the second time. "What? Really?" I nodded quickly, I had to think on my feet, make up a lie to get myself out of here. "Please... let me out... I'm... immune" Milton was taken back by what I had said "I ca-... did you say you're immune?" I nodded again, Milton walked towards me, then back to the door then back to me "I need to take you to my lab! I'll need more blood and I need to run tests!" he replied excitedly... Bingo... I was getting out of here. He ran over to me and got out a large ring that had three keys on it, he undid my cuffs and allowed me up. Without warning I grabbed his arm and bent it behind him, "Get in the chair" he shook his head so I twisted his hand, he began to struggle against the pain. "Ow, ow, ow, ow! okay!..." I threw him in the chair and cuffed him up, "Which way is the prison?" I snatched the pen from his hand and pressed it up against his throat, slowly applying pressure. " its a straight run from the entrance of Woodbury... please don't kill me!" he pleaded, his eyes were screwed up in utter terror, I took the pen off of his throat and threw it away. I grabbed the keys and ran for the door, I wasn't going to stay here any longer.

I checked around every corner to avoid detection and I continuously checked behind me. After about ten minutes of faffing about looking for an exit, I found my handgun in its holster, I swooped in and grabbed it off the wooden table in the hall and ran for the exit. The exit was the same one Tom had gone through yesterday. I quickly slipped through, looking behind me this time, a high pitched alarm sounded and rang through my ears. What was it? I wasn't going to find out, I reached the other side of the fence and began to make my way through the woods and warn the others of the Governors plans.

This is the song that was through the headphones ------->


I ran as fast as I could, looking back as I did making sure I wasn't followed. I had seen the entrance of Woodbury and followed the road until Woodbury was out of sight. I hunched over with my hands on my knees, I was gasping for breath, I was running on pure adrenaline. I began to walk the rest of the way, I couldn't run anymore, my lungs began to burn and my breaths were short and frequent. I had begun to accumulate a large collection of blisters on my feet and my head began to feel light as a result of the Georgia heat.

Minutes felt like hours, and hours felt like days. The heat had gotten so intense I think at one point I was talking to myself, I was seeing things, people... maybe they were just walkers, maybe I wasn't going crazy because of the heat. No chance. The thought of getting back to Rick kept me walking, kept me from passing out and kept me wanting to live.

I began to ramble to myself, asking myself questions and answering back, I shook my head and looked up in the direction I was walking in, I saw one on the guard towers which was encased within the prison walls. Oh thank god... I'm home! I came to an opening which revealed the prison fence and... and... Rick! My pace began to quicken and to sped walked towards him. "Rick!!!" I flung my arms up and started to frantically wave them like some flightless bird. He turned to me, his eyes met mine, the look on his face was one of surprise and relief. "Ri-" for the second time today I felt a large hand cover my face and an arm clamp around my torso. I flung my arms forward to reach Rick who began to run towards me screaming my name. The stranger who had snatched me lifted a gun past my face and pointed it in Rick's direction, the barrel then doubled back on itself and was pressed hard onto my temple. "Back off or I will kill her..." I recognised that voice... The governor. I heard a series of clicks on metal, I recognised these to be the loading and cocking of an array of guns. The Governor wasn't alone. Rick looked into my eyes, he shook his head and flung his hand up in defense "Please... don't hurt her..." The Governor let out a sickeningly evil laugh, he started to back away with me still contained in his arms. I was pushed into a car and bag put over my head, I could still feel the barrel of the gun against my head... how would I get out of this.

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