Chapter one

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It's July 2012.

It's Tuesday morning almost 9:00 and winter is coming which I love the most! Cool air, snow everywhere, white all around and having fever. What? Fever? no! not this. Fever makes my day abominable. Taylor! these words during a beautiful atmosphere? No Taylor! no! 

London, is a beautiful place, surrounded by a calm atmosphere. I think, London is some better than Argentina? Argentina is good, but here! It's like a dream world. 

The wind is blowing hard, and snow is falling. I've always loved snow ever since I was a child. Ruby and I used to play in the snow a lot and make snowmen and we would have a lot of fun.  Her face was pretty funny, when I made snowballs and threw then on my sister Ruby's face. She looked like an angry bird. Right now she's in Argentina studying, she's 8 years old and I am 17. These sweet memories of my childhood make me remind of how much fun is in Argentina. 

I snapped back to the present. I shake my head and looked around the place, where me and my mom are. We're in London only for my contest! Unbelievable! 

Beautiful atmosphere, tall trees, pretty red flowers and many other decorative things. When I got to know that we are going to be shifted here, I was appalled. I didn't believe that they were speaking true. Well, I don't believe anyone except me. 

  Its so amazing here! There are a lot of tall buildings, but one of the building is change from others and is in front of our building, where we are going to be staying. 

The frontal building's door is made up to wood; designed with mirrors, most area for garden, but why is that? Is this an office or something else? I don't know, what that is, but it's really modern, walls are white, black marbles and so many cool decorations. It's super cool from all of the buildings, I mean all are very amazing, but this is so much super cool! This must be a place for visit, I will look forward to check this sometime. 

There is so much security standing outside the frontal building, I look at the that building and then look at our building. Its height is so much and it's perfectly arranged! Oh God! Who constructed such a beautiful building? I would love to meet him and let him construct the plots, we have in Argentina! It would be awesome! 

I'm wearing navy long blue shirt, dark blue jeans and my favorite guitar hanging on my shoulder. I have hazel eyes and brown hair down to my shoulders. 

My phone vibrated in my pocket, I brought it outside and saw a message. 

'How is it there?' It was a text from Stella. She should not be asking if its fun there considering she just arrived. 

'It's so beautiful here! I cant believe that I am in London. its so unbelievable!' I texted her back. My friend Stella usually likes to visit foreign countries. She is in a band with me for two years. She is my friend since we were almost five year. Right now! She is not here, I'm missing her and our band.. We have practised so much, but still that does not stop me from feeling nervous. 

Are we gonna fail or not? A lot of things are running through my mind, but I try to think positive. Me and my band mates will succeed. I am very proud of our band, its called "Pop Rock Jigsaw' 

'Really??? Oh my God! Someday, I will visit there so I can write it in my list of countries that I have not visited, well I am in Argentina right now.' She is making me sad right now. I am missing her so much and also she is making me angry! 

  'When will you come? can you hurry up please?!' I typed a sad emoji next to my text. That little enough, I can force her to come.

'Taylor, I am so sorry. I cant come till Sunday and our contest will be on Tuesday anyways.' Stella knows so well, that how to make me sad, but I'll continue it! She can't do this! I'll make her consent to come here! She has to come!

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