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Chapter 5

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Claire's face paled. She lowered the umbrella and dropped her head in embarrassment.

The Alpha gazed about her room, taking everything in.

She was anxious about having the most dominant and highly ranked person in her pack see the absolute mess of her bedroom. She cleared her throat and tried to distract him. "Um, can I get you anything to drink? Would you like to come down to our living room? I think we have some cookies floating around."

She wasn't sure how to deal with this Alpha. For one, the whole situation was just awkward. How did he end up in her room? Or in their house in the first place?

Oh no, was that her bra on her floor? Her face flamed with heat. There was no doubt he saw that. Oh, Goddess. Oh Goddess, why?

In their old pack, her Alpha was more like an uncle to her. She'd known him as long as she could remember, and he had treated his Omegas as if they had the same rank as him.

This Alpha was completely uncharted territory. His Beta seemed nice enough, but that politeness might not exist in this Alpha.

He was much hotter than the Beta, though...


Claire blinked. "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" Her face was probably as red as a tomato dipped in ketchup.

"Do you have any coffee?" A smirk played off his lips. Damn, why'd his face have to be so handsome? She could just picture black wings on his back. With his tan skin, beautiful eyes, and dark brown hair, he'd pull off the perfect avenging angel look.

The Alpha watched her switch her weight from foot to foot. "We kind of ran out of coffee," she told him weakly. A lie. "Can I get you some water?" It'd have to be straight out of the kitchen tap, but—

Oh, crap. Kitchen... Charlie!

She uttered a curse and sprinted back downstairs to the kitchen. Charlie sat in the pantry, clutching a metal can of beans for dear life. He had it cocked behind him, as if he were going to throw it had he been provoked.

"Oh, Charlie." Her heart broke. Tears dripped down the little boy's face and he shook with fear.

She picked him up easily and set him on the kitchen counter, holding him to her chest. "Shh, it's alright. Everything's fine."

"I thought you forgot me, Care."

"I could never forget you, Charlie," she lied straight through her teeth.

"I thought you weren't gonna come back. I thought the bad guys got you."

She didn't reply, only clutched him closer and tighter. How could she have forgotten him? He meant so much to her.

"Is he okay?" The Alpha's voice behind her made her jump.

"He'll be fine."

Claire corralled the two into the living room. She rushed to get a cup of water for the Alpha.

He looked down at the outstretched cup, grasping it tightly and taking a deep sip. "Scooby Doo?" he asked, amused.

"Sorry. We don't have many choices."

The Alpha gave her a crooked grin. "I'm more of a Courage the Cowardly Dog kind of guy...but Scooby works too."

She couldn't speak. The second that half-grin came out to play, she was a goner. Seeing him now, under the brighter lights of the living room, he appeared much more gorgeous than she originally thought him to be.

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