I missed you (Billie) (short?)

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(A/N: whoops I love him, neck kisses are amazing guys? who agrees? also they/them chap for once heyyy)

Billie sighed resting his head on his hand as he flicked a pen across his desk, he missed Y/N, yes they did go live and said they loved him at the end, but it wasn't enough, he needed them again, he needed them near him, he just needed them, sighing once again he scrolled through a few pics of them on his phone. 

A knock at the door cut him from his thoughts, he looked up at the door a grinning Y/N standing in the doorframe "Y/N!" he beamed throwing himself off his chair then wrapping his arms around their shoulders and pulling them close, Y/N giggled slightly hugging him back instantly, Billie moved his arms to their waist, picking them up "I missed you" he whined, Y/N shook their head jokingly then wrapped their legs around his waist pulling him closer "I know I'm sorry" they sighed, Billie placed a kiss on their neck carrying them over to the bed and laying them down then laying next to them (time to get lit yo) Just as the first bite of cold wind creeps under his shirt Y/N's hand moves around his middle, warm and soft, In seconds their body is moulded to Billies, sharing their body heat as easily as they shares their heart with him. (nvm I can't be fucked) Billie felt a smile tug at his lips as they moved up slightly their lips now inches apart and their noses touching Y/N kissed him lightly then buried their head into the crook of his neck "I love you, Billie" they whispered, Billie wrapped his arms around their torso "I love you too" 




oof an update, also the Hogwarts chap, I'm still getting my idea for that, I'm thinking Y/N could be a Slytherin? us snakes need more love, and like they could all think bad of you but you kinda just are amazing and the regret it then its alternate endings for whoever you want? does that sound good? 


thanks for reading 


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