Chapter 23: The Club

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"Don't be out too late," Mom said sternly."It's a school night."

"Where are you going?" Chris asked, biting into a sandwich.

"The Swan." I replied. Chris swallowed a mouthful of the sandwich.

"I might come later." He said, with a shrug.

"Very funny," Dad laughed. "You can't, get in unless you over sixteen. You're fifteen."

"Sixteen in four months!" He yelled defensively.

Dad left the kitchen, Cameron following him with loud protests.

"Rowan, look," Mom started. "About you being adopted. We really should have told you sooner-"

"Mom. I don't care anymore. You're my Mom. I don't care if you didn't give birth to me. Actually, that is kind of disgusting... But anyway, you are my Mom."

My mother's eyes filled with tears and she wrapped me in a tight hug. I hugged her back, smiling.

"Okay, choking me now." I croaked and she released me.

"Have fun." She said with a smile as I exited the kitchen. I picked up my bag and my car keys as I left the house. The night air was cool; refreshing and secretive. I heard owls in the oblivion of the night cry out to me.

I slid into the front seat of my Volvo and started the engine. It began purring to life as I closed the door. When my front lights flooded into the driveway, something made me jump in fright. In front of the car, was a dog. No, bigger; a wolf. It's yellow eyes started at me; daggers slicing at my skin. I beeped the horn but it remained perfectly still; it didn't even blink.

"Shoo!" I shouted ineffectively. I slowly opened the door and got back out, staring at the wolf simultaneously.

"Move!" I hissed but instead of running, it's body began to blur. It stood on its hind legs and blurred even more. Then, it took the form of a man. He was naked but luckily, he retreated behind the trash can.

"What are you." I said to him, my voice cold and stony. The man's eyes kept on mine.

"I'm a werewolf." He snarled, his voice husky and dangerous.

"What do you want?"

"You're the Dhampir." He said.

"Yeah, I am. Am I famous in the supernatural world or something? Now let me ask you again. What do you want?" I rambled.

"I want..." He said slowly. "You dead!"

His body morphed back to the wolf and he shot towards me, teeth bared. He pounced and just as I thought he was going to kill me, the wolf stopped and began whimpering loudly in pain. It changed back to the man, curled up on the driveway, groaning in pain. I turned to see Cole walking up the driveway, hand held out towards the wolf man.

Then he lowered his hand and he stopped crying.

"Come after her again, you and your pack will die." Cole warned him dangerously. The man nodded and then disappeared in a blur.

"Come on," Cole said. "I'll drive."

* * * * * * * * *

We paid for entry to The Swan and walked into the ocean of people standing near the entrance. My eyes scanned the crowded club and eventually, I found a group of people that I recognised. Kestrel, George, Cordelia, Nate and Samuel were stood and sat around a table. Cole and I made our way over and greeted them with smiles.

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