Chapter 55

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DJ and I haven't hung out by ourselves in a while, so that's what we're doing tonight. We were gonna order pizza, watch movies and he offered to stay with me since I don't feel comfortable being alone.

The doorbell rang and I went to open the door. The delivery guy was cute and he was trying to flirt with me, but I've sworn off guys so I ignored it. He gave me the pizza and I paid him.

"You're very beautiful," he said smiling.

I stared at him while popping my gum.

"Yah...thanks," I said uninterested.

I closed the door in his face and went back in the living room with DJ. I sat next to him, we ate and decided to watch The Campaign first.


After the fifth movie, it was 2 a.m. and we were both hella tired. DJ went in the room next to mine, with Bailey right behind him. After I finished cleaning up, I went in my room, changed into pajamas and lied down.

Even though I was dog tired, I just couldn't go to sleep. I got this strange feeling in my stomach -- a feeling I get when something bad is about to happen.

Since I couldn't sleep, I got up to check on DJ. When I got back in the bed, I closed my eyes and dozed off. I didn't stay asleep because I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. When I opened my eyes, I looked down and saw a knife sticking out of my body and a blurred figure standing over me. Whoever it was pulled the knife out and stabbed me again, then again, and one more time. I was finally able to refocus my eyes and saw that the person behind this was, of course, Alana. Judging by the grin on her face, she probably thought she killed me.

I got up, pulled the knife out and tossed it on the floor. The thud of the knife must have woke DJ up because he came in the room.

"Bri, what's goin' on?" he asked.

"Call the police," I said.

He looked at my blood stained shirt and ran to the phone. I walked up to Alana while she backed into a corner. She tried to run out of the door, but I pulled her back by her hair and wrapped it around my fist. I banged her head up against the wall and she fell.

DJ came back to let me know the police were on the way and that's when Alana got up and ran toward me. I balled up my fist and hit her in the face as hard as I could, causing her to fall again. Next thing I know, I'm on top of her hitting her in the face. This bitch deserved to have her ass beat and I'm just glad I'm the one who gets to do it.

When the police got there, DJ had to pry me off of her. The cops picked her up off the ground, cuffed her and took the knife. I had such an adrenaline rush that I actually forgot I had been stabbed. I guess she cut me pretty deep because I was losing more blood and after the paramedics got there, I passed out.


I honestly don't know what happened tonight. All I saw was Alana in Briana's room, Briana's shirt was soaked in blood and she beat the shit out of Alana.

The paramedics lifted Briana onto the gurney and into the ambulance. I rode with her and held her hand the whole way to the hospital. As soon as we got there, I called Monique.

Monique: [groggily] Hello?
Me: You need to get to the hospital now!
Monique: Why? What happened?!
Me: It's Bri
Monique: DJ, what happened?!?!
Me: She was stabbed

I heard a thud and then she hung up. I didn't know what else to do or who else to call, so I sat in the waiting room.

"Excuse me, are you with Ms. Smalls?" a man wearing scrubs asked.

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