Rishabala OS : He Said He Loved Me

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"Why don't you try with sex?" 

The casually asked question was ringing in his ears as RK walked into his two bedroom apartment. As he locked the door behind him he knew without even turning back that Madhu would be popping her head out of the kitchen. He had never rang the bell for her to open the door, he had always used his key and walked in and knowing that she had always made sure not to leave her key in the keyhole. RK turns back and looks right at her and she hesitantly smiles at him, even after almost a year of marriage, her smile was that, hesitant. He smiles back at her. 

"Would you like to have tea?" Madhu asks him formally like an air hostess. 

And he was no less than a traveller on a plane, "Yeah, I would like that." 

Madhu nods in reply right before she went back to the kitchen and RK headed to his bedroom to have a shower. 

As he stood under the shower, his thoughts went back to the conversation he had with Sultan earlier that day. Sultan had dropped by at his office and after initial talks, he had casually asked him about his married life, and thinking about Madhu, his smile had dropped. 

"No change?" Sultan asks surprised. 

RK shrugs in reply. 

"Isn't it a year since you got married?" Sultan asks frowning. 

"A year?" RK asks surprised and then thinking at the date he says amazed, "It will be a year in two days." 

"You forgot your anniversary? My wife would kill me if I ever forget." 

"I doubt Madhu remembers it." RK mutters as he looked aside. 

"Is she very reserved with you?" Sultan asks. 

"And formal." RK tells him sighing. 

"Do you try talking to her about it?" 

"She just goes into a shell whenever I try to talk." RK says tired. 


"My brother abandoned her at the mandap and I married her to save face, everyone knows that but I think she is still stuck on that day." 

"Maybe she still loves him." Sultan says hesitantly. 

"I doubt it. She said that they had a disagreement and he left the mandap. She wouldn't say the reason just that he realized that she was not good enough for him." RK says tiredly. 

"Why would she say that?" 

"How would I know? She wouldn't talk past that." RK asks exasperated. 

"Did you talk about babies? Maybe, if you had a baby then things would change. Babies bring in a lot of changes." Sultan advices him. 

RK gives Sultan an exasperated look. 

"What?" Sultan asks shocked. 

"We have to at least sleep in the same room for that, right?" RK asks him irately. 

"What?" Sultan shouts in shock. 


"You two have no physical relation?" Sultan asks shocked. 

RK shakes his head tired. He had needed to talk to someone about his married problems and Sultan was his best friend and confidante. 


RK closes his head tired and a little relaxed having passed his headache to his best friend for a few minutes. 

"Did you try to get close to her physically?" 

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