Chapter 3

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Captain slammed her hands on the wooden table.

"Why in bloody hell did you missed trapping the cults down if you had the chance to encounter with them!" She raised her voice.

"Forgive me Cap... It was a coward of me. Ned... he."

She raised a dismissive hand. "Rest, and we'll take care of it." She responded with disappointed in her language.

I left the office and a person caught my attention. Its the detective from the campus. The hell this lad doing here?

"Hey Greene. Sorry Cap gave you pressure." Michael grinned patting my back.

"God I could've done something to save him. He isn't a murderer Mike, I reason with him."

"I know, Cap is just stressed and stayed up all night working cases. Also there's some weird stone clutched into his hand. I'm guessing he's going to give it to you."

He fished his pocket and brought a white stone with carved black symbol.

"Thanks..." I took the stone and hid it in my pocket.

Then the detective walked in. "He was hiding a secret that made the cults plotting to kill him, and they wanted something, a missing piece that brought them here. I detected signs of black ash, white cement and stone piece." He reminded.

And yet I noticed the crime scene, there was pieces I was missing. There are weapons clutched in their hands, a blade shaped like a fang. With crest marks.

"I gotta go, see you after lunch. Everybody is on control." Mike left.


My friends helped me throughout the day, my body couldn't handle books and more words, I couldn't focus each class and task. I failed miserably.

"Hey Danny Bear..." I spoke softly as Danny looked up and went back from his writing.

I sat down. "Are you okay?"

"I'm dead, I just couldn't believe he's dead. I get that he ruined my family's reputation, but he didn't deserve like this." He didn't bother to look me straight in the eyes.

"You should've at least saved him!" He hissed now looking into my eyes full of hate.

"Whoa, don't blame this on me. I admit it that I didn't save him. But he pushed me to hide and I tried to fight it. He wanted to take the risk for himself because... He knows something about the world that we don't.

"No matter what, he loves you. He even tell me he loved you and gave you presents to let you know you're special to him. Remember that." I reassured. He didn't answer but he stood up.

"I'll need some time alone. I appreciate the talk." And left me alone.

God everything is fucked up.

"Why did weirdo talk to you? I mean... That's bizzare because she haven't talk to anyone. I talked to her once and she didn't enjoy it." Janna appeared behind me.

"Jiminy christmas! Stop that!

"And she just talked about the party and just... Weird metaphor about describing there's going to be shit coming." I shrugged.

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