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They ran in front of me.I had to go slower because of Drake.I was nervous if i would be caught before i got there.

We got to Safire's car i was still upset about Scarlet's car.

We drove in chatter.Drake was looking around confused the girls were saying gooey stuff to him.

I knew they were going to miss him.I had to do this,though.

When we pulled up to the airport we hugged each other and i got my bag from off the ground.

I got out the car. Scarlet came out of the passenger side and ran up to me i kissed her forehead.

She crushed me in a tight hug.My two daughters were 15.

She gave me a bracelet and got back in the car. As they were driving off she came threw the roof

"Try not to get into any trouble mom!"(Scarlet)

"I'll try!i love you!"(Me)

i walked into the airport with all eyes on me..I got the attention everywhere i went.

I was on my way to the self check-in when i looked back and saw Angelo' walking in.

I turned and starting running away faster to be un noticed.


I think he was onto me but let me go back to tell you why Back like 15 mins ago  


My name is Claire, just Claire since i just recently meet my parents who left me at birth but that's not what I'm talking about

Angelo' was knocking on my door.i had spent hours packing all the stuff i wanted to take.

it was stacked by the door and he was yelling.Drake was quiet and i was happy.

He was on the ground playing with toys.

"Claire,you can't do this, it's my child too.open the door let's at least talk about it!" (Angelo') His voice rang threw the house

I scooped up Drake ready to run.

I wasn't dressed and no way was i going to the airport looking like this.

I ran upstairs and was dresses with my hair done and shoes on in 15secs flat.

i grabbed my bag and went to the underground exit that nobody but me and the maids new about.

I put in the code and it unlocked i pushed it open and stepped down. i ran and punched in a different code

to get out. no,i wasn't human but I'm not a werewolf or vampire either.I'm way better.

I ran out to Safire & and Scarlet's house.i banged and they came out.that's when we started running.

end of like 15 mins ago back at airport 


I got to the self-check-in and pushed in my info.

"Claire,you can't do this" (Angelo') yelled.

"Leave Me Alone!" (Me)

People were staring... so, he wanted to yell and cause attention to us.

Two could play at that game.

"No,you can't just take our son like this!" (Angelo')

People just couldn't mind their own fuc*ing business!

The ticket printed and i grabbed them.I waked away and Angelo' grabbed my free arm.

I jerked my arm back.

"Go away!I'm so sick of you! you want to cause attention let's do this.I'm sick of treating me like crap.

I deserve wayy better THAN YOU!" (Me)

"You know what take the baby!I don't want it! You've always been a bitch! Go ahead!" (Angelo')

I couldn't take it anymore i pulled my arm back and punched him in face.

Not enough to send him flying but enough so he was on the ground

"Who's the bitch now!"(Me)

I was this close to kicking him when someone pulled me back .

I Iooked back and saw a guy who was one of my kind.By the looks of it he seemed stronger than me.

"Enough, don't cause attention to yourself" (guy) His voice was melting.it pierced me.He looked annoyed.

With that he walked away.

I followed him

But lost sight after he went threw the crowd i looked around.

The crowd dispersed and people went on about their business.

I went on to security check he was no where in sight'

comment!! plz, 

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