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March 21, 2019

Update to the update!

So it's the first day of spring where I live ... good day for a change, right? I'm not perfectly content with this new cover, but it's close enough to move forward with the new titles and covers. So, voila! 

When I first imagined Grandmaster, it was a four-novel series that followed the phases of Oz's development as a paladin: Candidate, Paladin, Master, Grandmaster. But that proved problematic in oh-so-many ways. Without going into detail here, that plan had flaws that really left me stuck. And then, one day, quite magically, I saw my way through it. The only "problem" was that Grandmaster grew into a seven-novel series as a result. Eek!

That said, though, the novels needed new names ... better names. Names with pop and excitement. Hopefully, I have found those names. Let me know what you think! Now back into my cave where I do all that world-building and map-making and stuff you don't need to see yet.

Best wishes,


December 31, 2018

Hey there,

So, an update...

My goal is to publish this series someday. Hopefully, traditionally, but if not, I will self-publish it. I'm learning that it's a complicated process. Once I get an agent or agree to work with Amazon, I'm sure the series will need to come down from Wattpad. That's just how it works. But to be honest, I've put thousands of hours into this project and will put thousands more it would be nice to be rewarded for my time. I hope you understand!

Anyhow, I've decided to repost these chapters because they give a bit of closure for certain events in Candidate. At the same time, these chapters of Squire open the door for the next set of adventures Oz has to face.

I hope you enjoy them and they keep you interested in the Grandmaster's Son series.

Thanks for your patience!


P.S. Below is the original Foreword to Squire.

October 2017

Dear friend,

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you've taken the time to read the 155,000 words that went into Candidate, the first novel in The Grandmaster's Son and my first-ever completed novel. So first things first: thank you!

Hopefully, the second novel in the series, Squire, won't disappoint. My intent is to grow Oz over the course of his story so that the series, which started out with a simple child's perspective and voice, pushes towards a perspective that is wiser and more aware of complexity and nuance. The voice and the content of these stories should mature as Oz matures.

But my main goal is always to entertain. So I hope, more than anything, Squire gives you a few more hours of page-turning fun.

I never thought when I started this story two years ago that it would be featured or win a Watty or have so many reads. I just figured it would be fun to write a little story for my kids and let a few others listen in ... it certainly has been fun!

For the time being, Squire will be minimally illustrated. I still have tons of art work to do for Candidate and some other projects I've been developing. But is my intention to stay true to my dream for Grandmaster—to create an epic, illustrated fantasy story. So if you enjoy the drawings, I'll get to them someday!

Lastly, thanks again for all the support you have shown my work here on Wattpad. Your reads, votes, and comments are truly an inspiration to me. They encourage me to continue with this admittedly ambitious endeavor. I love hearing from you!

Best wishes,


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