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Hello! So this is a new story I really want to  work on and develop. I've personally never written a story like this but have read. I just wanted to make one of my own,  even though i'm going to be changing a lot of things from voltron.

The paladins, Allura, Coran, and Allura's parents will be in this book and maybe some galras like Lotor.


In this book there will be many personal issues mentioned such as depression, self harm, alcoholic issues and all that dark stuff. I Just wanted to give a warning so later on none of you come with a surprise that a certain topic that may be uncomfortable or you get triggered all of sudden and then complain about putting warnings.

Also parental issues will be presented such as the reader having them. I know many of you that's a touchy subject but this again is just my fanfic.

Heads up!

So in  this book the readers mom is an agent around her mid 30's and the readers mom lost her husband in a war when the reader was about when the reader is almost a year old.

That's all i'm gonna say! I just wanted to give a quick description of the reader parents and again this is just fiction you are always free to imagine what you want!

I hope you all enjoy !

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