~ Harry ~

Eva and I laid in the bed after the day at the park with baby Eva. She spent the day running around after the Disney princesses. She saw Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Which she extremely enjoyed.

After the park baby Eva was so tired she didn't even stay up to see the fireworks, but Eva made sure to take a video so she could see it later.

Right now baby Eva laid in the other room since we got the penthouse suite that was basically like a mini apartment.

"Babe?" I mumbled scooting closer to her.

"Hmm." She hums in response.

"Did you enjoy today?" I asked her as she nodded her response before rolling over to look at me.

"Yeah I did that was beautiful I really did enjoy today." She smiled.

"I did to baby. It was nice seeing Eva get all excited about the princesses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and then going to see Harry Potter. It was all great to see. I'm ready to give her that kind of fun for the rest of her life."

"We'll give her that babe trust me we are the best parents she could ever have." I chuckled.

"Oh shush Harry." She smiled before I dipped down to kiss her soft lips again.

I'm not exactly sure how I got this lucky. I have a beautiful girlfriend and an adorable little princess for my daughter.

"How did I get so lucky?" I whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"How did I get you, and that little girl in the other room?"

"Well you stopped being a jack ass and finally stopped being mean to me, and I somehow ended up with you." She spoke. "I got with you and then got pregnant with our adorable little girl. Everything after that is forgotten."

"I love you so much, but there is one thing." I said while I rolled over on top of her in between her thighs.

"What is that." She giggled.

"We need to make another baby."

"Oh god Harry! Eva is in the other room."

"So, we have always done it while she was in the other room at home." I pouted.

"Stop pouting like a little kid, and yes we have but she wasn't in the exact room right next to us."

"Oh come I'll keep you quiet."

"Who says I'm the one who needs to stay quiet?"

"Me. If I remember correctly you sound like ' oh fuck yes Harry just like that,' but I could be off a few octaves." I smirked.

"Oh but your the one that's always ' oh fuck baby you like how I pound into your tight little pussy like that?' Who knows my voices isn't deep enough." She said mocking my voice.

"Baby we can be quiet come on."

I leaned down before kissing her lips to persuade her thoughts.

Soon enough our clothes were on the floor.

"Remember baby stay quiet."


When I woke up the next morning I saw Eva was still sleep. Her head was tucked under the covers with parts of her brown hair poking out.

I leaned over and kissed her head before hearing the bedroom door creak open.

"Dadda." Baby Eva spoke.

"Hey darling come here." I said as I brought the covers up on my naked body to make sure I didn't flash my one year old.

"Good morning princess." I cooed as she padded over to the side of the bed and I lifted her up to sit on my lap.

"Morwning dadda."

"How did you sleep?"

"I sweep good. I wanted to sweep wiff mummy." She said looking over to her mother who was still sleep.

"I know baby but mummy and dadda had to have some time alone together last night."

"I want to spend time wiff mummy and dadda."

"You can today baby, but last night mummy and dadda had to have a private party."

"I wanna have a prwivate parwty."

"You can't have one of those until your sixty."

She nodded her head before looking down and poking something under the covers.

"Dadda something is poking me." She said before I looked down and saw it was my morning wood.

"It big dadda!" She wiggled against me making it even worse.

"Stop moving baby and I'll fix it."

She giggled before jumping around on my lap making me groan inwardly.

"Here darling why don't you wake up mummy alright." I said as she nodded before crawling over to Eva and waking her up.

"Mummy! Wake up! It wake up time!" She bounced on Eva before she groaned rolling over and covering up her chest so Eva couldn't see.

"Hi, my little angel." She said kissing her head.

Eva looked over at me before I looked down and showed her what was wrong. She nodded her head before I grabbed my boxers and walked to the bathroom.

I stood in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror before looking outside at the room and looking at my daughter who was talking to her mother.

I'm going to marry that girl.

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