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Do I still like Bee? No! I can't! I mean, I don't want to. I've moved on. I asked Shelby to marry me, and now Bee is coming back! Why? Why now?
"Will? Are you okay?" I could hear Shelby ask through the bathroom walls.
"Y-yeah! I'm fine! Are you?" Why would I ask that? Of course, she's fine!
I get out of the bathroom.
"You seemed kind of nervous earlier. Is something wrong?" She asked, worried
"No, no! Everything is fine!" Everything isn't fine.
"Don't lie to me, Will." She looked at me seriously. My heart rate began to speed up.
"I'm not lying, everything is perfectly fine." I'm lying.
"Are you sure?" She asked, now with a concerned look
"Yes, I'm very sure." I pulled her into a hug, hoping that she doesn't hear or feel how fast my heart is beating.
"Alright then. Now, come on, we're going to the grocery store, because Liam wanted to cook with me, to prove that he isn't just good at Minecraft and eating Chipotle."
I laughed, took her hand, and we all headed for the grocery store.

2 days later

Bee texted me quite early to pick her up. I didn't have a problem with it, though, since I was kinda excited to see her again after so long. So, I got ready and, I was off, heading to the airport on my own, because for the first time, I didn't wanna bother anyone to go with me. After 45 minutes of driving, I was at the airport, and could already see Bee with the suitcase right beside her.
"Hey Bee!" I hug her, as she gets in the car
"Hi Graser! It's been so long!" She says, returning the hug
"How was your flight?"
"It was fine! So, tell me. How are things with you and the guys?"
"Oh, things are great! I get to see them everyday now, since we live in the same apartment complex." I say as I start to head back home
"And Will. He's engaged! Heh... I didn't expect that, honestly." She says, kind of weirdly.
"Yeah! I didn't expect either one of us to get engaged, but he found the right girl for him!"
"So, how'd it all start? Tell me, while we're on this road trip."
"Well, you know how Will joined Harmony Hollow sometime later into the series? When Will joined, Shelby and I were already married in game, so, of course, I had to introduce them. And from there, they became great friends. Vidcon came along, and while Will and I were on the plane together, he told me that he liked Shelby. Believe me, there were some major ups and downs, but one night, things between them kinda sparked, I guess, and now they're together. Happily engaged." I couldn't help but keep a smile on my face.
I looked over at Bee, and she seemed kind of... Sad.
"Bee, you okay?"
"Ye-yeah! I just... That was a beautiful story! Hah. I'm so happy for the both of them." A smile appeared on her face.
After I told her that story, the rest of the ride back was silent. I usually don't like silence, but she must have been tired, and so I decided not to bother her.
When we got back to the apartments, I decided that Bee and I should go to Shelby and Wills' place, since they were probably all awake, and H was most likely there. I knocked on the door, and Shelby was the one to answer.
"Good mo- Bee? Hi!"
"Hi, Shelby!" They both hugged, as I slid into the apartment.

Oh no... Bee. Is. Here. What do I do? I should go and greet her with H, so it doesn't seem suspicious.
"Bee, hi!" I gave her a hug, and she hugged back. It took awhile for her to pull away, which caused me to pull away myself. She glared at me.
"Hey Bee." H and Bee reached in for the hug
"It's so nice to finally see you guys again, after such a long time!" Bee said, with enthusiasm
"Well, don't just stand there, come in!" Gosh dang it, Shelby
We all went to sit down, and Bee immediately took a seat right next to me.
"So, Bee. Is there anything you'd like? A drink? Something to eat?" Shelby asked
"Oh, no. I'm fine, thank you. I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on getting engaged! Congrats!" Bee glared at me again, but soon formed a smile, when Shelby looked at her
"Thank you so much!"
"Yeah, thanks Bee." I hated how awkward this was
"Hey, you know what, we should go out tonight to celebrate Bee returning to YouTube! We could go to a fancy restaurant, and invite some people!" Graser suggested
"Oh we don't have to!" Bee claimed
"I'm down for celebrating." H agreed
"Yeah, we totally should!" Stop Shelby!
"I mean... If you guys insist..." Bee said with a cheeky grin
"Celebration, it is! I'll call Parker and Sig, and invite them to this event!" Graser jumped in triumph
Great. Just great. Everything will be completely awkward. What a great start to being engaged.

I don't really have much to say, except, get ready for the next chapter. That's when things go down ;)

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