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A quick clarification notice. As many of you know, Accused (the sequel of this book) is part of the Paid Stories Program. The engineering team at Wattpad HQ have decided that in order for Scorned to be promoted as the first book in the series, it will also have a paid stories badge. This DOES NOT mean you need to pay to read Scorned. It will ALWAYS be free, and the Paid Stories Badge you might see on the story is purely for promotional purposes.

Hey there! Thank you so much for selecting my book to read, it means the world to me. Please remember to vote and comment, and leave constructive criticism (but I ask you do so in a polite way). 


This is the second draft of Scorned uploaded to Wattpad. It replaced the first draft on the 19/08/19. That means that readers of the first draft may notice many small changes (and some big ones). It will so mean that some inline comments may seem out of place or not make sense. I hope you all enjoy the second draft!

Keep in mind the book is still not perfect. I would greatly appreciate if you point out typos nicely!


For those who like to say whether you're a first time read (FTR) or rereader (RR) here's your chance!

For all the new readers, welcome! I would like to say that this book is not your average, cliche sort of story. Don't read this if you like pretty little damsels in distress. This book is filled with kick-ass, independent women and true loyalty and companionship. There will be dark pasts and coming back stronger, overcoming fears and conquering of kingdoms. Expect twists, turns, a hint of romance and a whole lot of sarcasm.

In the back of the book you will find a special Character Gallery where my sister has drawn beautiful art of the main and noteable characters. Be warned that it has some small spoilers in regards to not only plot but character development.

You will also find two fan art sections, sent in by readers behind the Character Gallery.

This work is my own and any copying or use of my characters or world will not be tolerated.

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2nd in Fantasy in the Ammon Awards

Wattpad Featured Story 02/02/18

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Also, a warning to you all, this book contains some violence, mature scenes and the occasional curse. I would rate this story for the ages of 15+. Seriously guys, if you can't stomach abuse and/or violence I highly recommend you don't read this book, for your own sake.

Now go forth and conquer! Dive into a world full of mystery and magic...

Your author,


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