Short Prologue

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There was once a priestess of Demeter, with beautiful long black hair and intelligent brown eyes, the priestess' face was pure and symmetrical, and her voice was beautiful, of course Zeus fell madly in love, he would watch her every move, her day-to-day interactions until one day she perished. The priestess was killed, her organs spread everywhere to create a gruesome symbol, her once beautiful face mutilated and written in her blood was "The King shall perish", Zeus released his sorrow onto her home of Arcadia, in which storms lasted for many suns and moons, after that, no one heard or seen from the god, for decades, until he was coaxed out before the wedding of the fair Thetis and Peleus. Everyone noted how terrible and sad he looked, they were surprised when he managed to clean up in time for the wedding, they saw how much happier he looked but inside he only felt the pain from losing a love.

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