Thirty nine.

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I groaned, a rollercoaster in my chest as my eyes glued to her glistening skin, she wore the lingerie I had left on her bed, a blindfold covering her eyes, I didn't want her to see me, I wanted her to just feel. I could hear the pounding of her heart beat as she waited for me on her knees. I couldn't hold back, I'd left her a note with instructions, and she had followed. I could sense the adrenaline that ran through her delicate body as I stepped in front of her, lifting my hand, I stroked her face, the feel of her soft skin under my fingers awoken the beast inside me, I'd missed her, I was aching to take her. Her breath caught as she leaned into my touch, her lips parted, she took my finger into her mouth, sucking on it, the warmth of her tongue tracing against my skin sent me to a forbidden place, a dark dark place that I was afraid would scare her. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head into my crotch, the feel of her lips against my aching cock, the only thing saving her throat from being torn was the jeans that kept me in place. I pulled her head back, just watching her, I could stare at her all night. Her lips parted and she went to speak, my index finger pressed against her lips, no talking. I wanted her to feel. I pulled her up onto her feet and for a minute I didn't stop myself from holding her in my arms, I squeezed her tight against me then pushed her onto the bed. Her body was shaking with anticipation as I locked her wrists to the headboard of the bed. I reached for my shirt and yanked it over my head. My eyes fell onto the roses I'd sent her, she'd placed them in a new Vase and kept it on the nightstand. I took them in my hand, ripping the pebbles off and scattering them across her body. I kept one rose and ran it down her flat stomach. My eyes taking in everything that was before me. She arched her back as I traced the rose over her burning skin. A small moan slipped past her lips as my free hand cupped in between her thighs, I rubbed her over the black underwear she wore, my cock rising with need. Placing the rose beside her face, I pulled down my jeans, stripping naked, then settled myself in between her legs, her chest was heaving with lust as I ripped her panty from her skin. I studied every single inch of her body, the beast in me raging with uncontrollable desire. Spitting down onto her tight pink pussy I rubbed the tip of my erect cock at her entrance, she was already soaking for me. With a thrust of my hips, I was inside her. A groan left my throat as I buried myself in the depths of my pet. She moaned out, I knew it hurt her, it'd been a long time since I last took her body and she was tight as ever. I vigorously thrusted in and out of her, my cock burning as her walls squeezed tight against me. Lifting her legs up, I placed them on my shoulders, pounding into her, my head was spinning as I fell deep into bliss with every second that I was inside her, claiming her. Her hands had wrapped tight around the pole on the headboard as her body shook with need. I pulled out, then pushed back in, pulled out and pushed back in, a moan escaped her throat as I teased her. I didn't know how long I could last before I came crumbling down onto her. We were both panting now, sweat running down my neck and over my heaving chest as I picked up pace and roughly took her, repeatedly pounding into her, stretching her tight little pussy. A low growl erupted from deep within my throat as I felt her clench around my cock, loud moan escaping her lips, my muscles tensed, my body stilled, I pulled out and spilled my load onto her sore pussy. We spent a moment just panting, her face was buried in the inner part of her arm, I let her legs free from my shoulders and crawled on top of her, placing small kisses on her breasts, to her neck, and then I greedily devoured her lips. 'Good girl.' I whispered into her mouth. 'Good little pet.' I kissed her again, drowning in her scent, drowning in the little details of her existence, for she had me crumbling down with every breath that she took. The monster in me calmed against her, it settled with her presence.

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