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Lahlani's P. O. V.

"Mam, if you would please buckle your seat belts. The plane is getting ready to take off." The flight attendant smiles at us before walking away.
While I look to Nathan to see if he had anything to say. Because the flight here, well let's just say he wasn't happy with the attendant. Glad its a different attendant we would've had some problems if it was the same lady.

"What are you thinking about over there?" I hear Nathan snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Oh uh... Just about seeing the twins cute little faces when we bring them home." I reassure him a smile playing on my face jus thinking about our little angels.

Looking up at him he smiles big at me before pulling me in. Reflex wise I close my eyes feeling his lips press up against my cheek instead of my lips.
Ass, I thought he was gonna actually kiss me.

"I'm sorry I had to. I'm just playing with you Bella." He laughs instantly making me calm at the sound of his voice. Before he unexpectedly smashed his lips onto mine.
Pulling away before it turned into a heated make out session
Turning towards the window knowing my red cheeks are surly on full display.

Nathan's P. O. V.
"So, what are the plans for tomorrow?" Lahlani ask making I look over to her has we walk side by side as we leave the airport.
"Well my buddy Andre is back in town. And well my put me in charge of hosting thanks giving dinner at our house. And well I just couldn't get out of it.-" I groan as we make our,way to the exit.

"Oh my, I am totally behind on the holidays. I totally forgot. This would be the twins first Thanksgiving." She pouts looking down at the ground
I chuckle a little at her inner child like self.

"Lahlani, come on you've been going through a lot lately. Don't beat yourself up about this too." I say soon regretting my choice of words.

"I am not beating myself up about this. If you asked me I'd say I've been beat up too many times these past few years. Why would I want to do it to myself?" Lahlani pouts as they stand in front of the pick up area waiting for Emily.

I say uncontrollably rolling my eyes sighing before saying, "Lahli, you know what I meant... But I'll change my choice of words; Lahli, please refrain from blaming yourself for this." I chuckle as we both take a seat on the cold metal bench.

As a response I get a hard punch on the shoulder.
"Oww, what was that for? That kinda hurt a little." I pout in the most child like voice I can manage to make. Without laughing.

"Your being a smart ass. Its not funny." She says with a small smile on her face.

"See, I knew I could make you laugh. Cheer up babe. Besides I have a surprise for you when we get back to the house." I inform her catching her full attention.

"Surprise? Nathan.. Again with all these surprises?"

"Yeah, what you don't like them?"

"No, well yes. Wait, no I don't. I'm not used to surprises like this. It been more of a here you go Like it and don't talk shit or you'll get your ass beat. I mean I still cant even wrap my head around the fact that for almost longer than 2 months I just up and forgot everything that has happened in the past 5 years." She chuckles but but it soon turned to a grown and a tear slipped from her eyes.

"But let's not talk about that right now. So,bdo I get any hints on the surprise at least?" She says cutting me off from what I was about to say.
The subject being almost completely changed I go along with it. Not wanting to pressure her into talking about it. That's what the point is in her seeing someone is.

"Nope, nothing. That's the point in a surprise you are not supposed to know. But home is not that far a half hour tops I'm sure you can wait." I chuckle as she gives me an annoyed and frustrated look making me laugh even more.
Looking up I sew Emily's car pull up in front if us.

Its short I know. But thank you so much for reading Lovelies. Hope this update isn't bad. Welp, until the next update. Tootles don't forget to vote & comment I love all of your feedback it helps.


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