Lucy x Goth Michael

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this is a request from Msralikeball 🖤🖤 thanx for the request!~

~Lucy's POV~

"Michael why do even want to go to the school's football game?! You hate going near there!" I yelled, as he dragged me to the car, "I don't care, we are going!" He said. "Whhhhyyy!" I yelled frustrated, "Don't whine like a conformist Lucy and get in the car!" He said back, "Fine" I said getting into the passenger seat, slamming the door. 'Why are we going, Michael hates school especially school football games because they are only for 'conformists'....So why are we going??' I questioned in my head.....


"Lucy, I know this is such a conformist thing to do but I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life this you....I know you would probably reject me but...........Lucy will you be my girlfriend" Michael said looking down, I blushed madly and smiled brightly, running into his arms wrapping my arms tightly around his neck..not caring that everyone is staring at us. "So....I guess that's a yes?" He said wrapping his arms around my waist. "Hell yes!" I said, pressing my face into his neck....


While I was daydreaming about the best moment in my life, "Lucy! Are you listening to me?" Michael said knocking me out of my thoughts. "Sorry daydreaming, what were you saying?" I said looking at him, "Well what I was trying to say....." He said before I stayed daydreaming.


"Happy one year anniversary Lucy!!" Michael cheered as he stood in the middle of a tower of roses, "Oh my God!! Michael you did this for me?" I said with tears in my eyes, " No, I did it for my other girlfriend.." he said sarcastically, "Haha very funny.. but I love the roses"  I said pick up a single rose from the pile, "So.....what did you get me?" Michael said. "I lock an emo in your basement"(A/n- im sorry if this offends anyone, I really wanted to put it in), I said this with a straight face, he ran up to me and kissed me nearly making me fall over, "I love you" he said blushing, "Awww I love you too", I said kissing him again. 

~One year later (who else said this in a spongebob voice or is it just me?~  

"Happy two year anniversary Michael!" I yelled before jumping on his sleeping form, "LUCY! That hurt!" He yelled, trying to open his eyes. "Well too bad, today is our anniversary!" I said laying next to him, I felt his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me close into his chest. I gently wrap my arms around his chest bring our bodies closer together. "Happy anniversary Lucy, I love you..." Michael said while playing with my hair, "I love you too.." I said starting to feel sleepy. I slowly closed my eyes listening to Michael's heartbeat.


"LUCY!!" Michael said, "What?" I said snapping out of my thoughts......again. "I know you won't listening  but anyway, we are here" He said getting out, I followed and walked beside him, inlocking our hands. As we got to the stands, i saw my cousin Stan. "Hey  Stan!" I yelled, "Hey Lucy!" He yelled back before running off, probably because the game was about to begin. We sat down on the right side of the stands when the whistle went off, let the games begin.


The game was about to end, "I'll be back" Michael said getting up and leaving, "Okay?" I said confused but shrugged it off. Suddenly I heard yelling and cheering, "SOUTH PARK HIGH WINS!!!" The announcer yells, I start to clap with everyone else while looking around for michael. "Hi everyone can everyone please take a seat, a friend of mine would like to announce something special" Stan said to the audience. Michael came off and grabbed the mic from Stan. "Lucy, I've loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you, I want to spend the rest of my life with lucy will you marry me" I clapped my hand over my mouth and got up running towards him jumping in his arms. "So is that a yes?" he said, I kissed him and he slid the ring onto my finger.

This was a new start to my life and I hope it never ends....

~Sorry if it sucks but its so adorable~

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