Part 35 - Meeting Merle

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"You got guts girl... I'll give you that... but you're stupid, your little boyfriend is the clever one here..." I began to get angry, he's not my boyfriend! "He's... not... my... boyfriend..." He began to laugh, "I like her... Merle, bring her to my place..." he looked to the guy with the knife for a hand which now I assume, his name is Merle. "Look all were gonna do is bring them here and keep them safe..." he smirked and walked away triumphantly. "If you touch them I swear to you that I will kill you...." he stopped in his tracks... and turned to face me. "No you won't..." And with that he walked away leaving the roof.

Merle approached Tom with lightning speed and punched him, knocking him out instantly. He turned his fiery gaze to me, and let out a loud chuckle before walking towards me. He placed his knife to my throat for the second time today. "Now no funny business sugartits... don't want you getting hurt now..." ugh he repelled me, he was disgusting! "I wouldn't call me that again if I were you..." I place my head in front of his head and leant back he began to uncuff me and laughed. "Why not sugart-" I swung my head forward swiftly and headbutted Merle on the nose sending him flying backwards. I vigorously shook the opened cuffs, and got up and ran towards Tom.

"Tom run!" I hauled Tom to his feet and put his arm over my shoulder. I wouldn't say I'm the strongest person in the world, Tom was a heavy guy, his body mass was pure muscle. I seemed to hold him up with ease as though he was light as a feather, despite how hungry and exhausted I was running on adrenaline and adrenaline alone.

After three flights of stairs we managed to get to the ground level, I turn around frantically trying to find a way out, I saw the front door, which was open. I began to walk towards it when I heard footsteps, I stopped dead in my tracks, I could feel my blood pulsing through my veins. I backed up and turned, there was a congregated metal aluminium door which had been busted. The lock was hanging off and it was tied together with string. I put Tom on to the floor and raced towards the door. I began to untie the knot quickly, going quicker as I could hear the footsteps grow louder. The door flung open, I picked Tom up and ran out. we were met by a large fence made out of the same pieces of metal the door was made of, I scanned the perimeter twice until I saw a gap, were getting out of here. "Tom when I get you through don't wait for me go straight into the woods" he let out a gurgle, I think that's all he could muster. "I'm not asking I'm telling you, now do it!" I pushed him through and he stopped in his tracks, I quickly gestured him to move in to the woods. I placed both hands on to the bent metal and placed my leg through the gap.

A pair of large hands grabbed my waist and mouth pulling me back within the walls of Woodbury. I scrambled to pull myself away and through the gap but I was over powered, my cries were muffled by the large hand that encased my lips. I wasn't going anywhere.

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