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"so you have to leave when...?" yoongi asked the next morning while finishing his breakfast. he really didn't want jimin to go. he'd rather him stay at his place forever and see his face every day when he woke up. to yoongi, jimin was way more than one of those fans who supported him from afar. if that was the case, the red head wouldn't be sitting beside him in his house.

jimin finished chewing his food before responding. "two days... why? are you already tired of seeing me?" the younger places a hand over his heart, faking hurt. "ouch..." he then sighs before puffing out his cheeks. "i'm actually so lucky to be here, i mean, do you know how many people would kill to be sitting beside someone so talented and amazing and hot?"

yoongi smirks a little, leaning towards the younger. "what was that, jiminie~?" jimin's face flushes bright red and he quickly changed the subject. "so uhm, what are we doing today?" he asks, standing up to put the dishes into the sink.

the blonde male shrugs a bit, watching jimin's every move. "i dunno... maybe we can stay here and watch movies or go to the park for a little? or we just take a nap all day. either way, i don't mind."

jimin rolls his eyes, "the park it is."


while walking to the park, yoongi watched as jimin stepped on all the crunchy brown leaves and hear the stream of giggles afterwards. the red head paused at the parks entrance, turning around to face yoongi who was far behind.

"you're so slow, hyung," jimin teases.

the blonde haired male ignores the other's comment as he grabbed his hand and pulled him into the park. the pair make their way to a bench and take a seat, letting go of each others hands. jimin glances over at the older who scrunches up his nose and smiles a little.

"cute~" jimin giggles. yoongi scoffs, looking forward. "you're cuter," he mumbles in response. the younger shakes his head.



"i don't see how. you're cutest and that's that. not me," jimin says, crossing his arms.

yoongi frowns, turning to face him, "but jiminie, you're so freaking adorable i might actually cry."

"how am i adorable??" jimin asks, arms still crossed.

"how? have you seen yourself? your little giggle is cute, your smile is cute, the way you act is cute. even your hands are cute, jimin."

the younger pouts, looking down at his hands. "i wish they weren't so small though..." yoongi grabs jimin's hands, holding them tight. "jimin, in all honesty, you are just the most perfect human being i've ever met. i don't think there is anything that you need to change, okay?"

the red head nods a bit, "okay."

"good," yoongi says, kissing jimin's hand.

they sat like that for awhile before deciding to go out for a drink later on and yoongi didn't know if it was a good or bad thing for jimin to get drunk. soon the younger was full of giggles and childish acts.

when they got home, jimin clung to yoongi around the house. he was still so damn cute, yoongi literally could not understand.

as yoongi tried to get him to go sleep, the red head pulled his long sleeves over his hands and gave the older puppy dog eyes.

it was a long night but yoongi honestly wouldn't trade these moments for anything...

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