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Y/n's POV
Today was my first day at my new school and I was getting ready.

After changing I straightened my hair and left it down, I don't really wanna do whole lot of makeup since I'm kinda lazy

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After changing I straightened my hair and left it down, I don't really wanna do whole lot of makeup since I'm kinda lazy.

I just do a little bit of foundation, mascara, eyeliner and clear lipgloss. The lipgloss makes my lips look bigger and shinier, cute.

I grab my small backpack only has the thing I really need, my schedule, charger, headphones, money, lip gloss and chapstick, gum, you know the essentials.

I walked downstairs and my dog Scooby followed me, my baby, he likes to follow me everywhere, sadly for him he can't follow me to school.

I pour Scooby's dog food into his food bowl and he starts eating it immediately. I also pour water into his water bowl and look at the time. It's almost time for me to get going.

I walk into the kitchen and see a note on the kitchen table, it says,

Note: Im sorry Baby that I didn't have time to take you to school today, had to go into work earlier today, I left some pancakes for you on the table love, dad❤️.

Seeing the pancakes next to the note I left the note and started to eat my food. My dad and I are the only ones that live in this house, well and my dog.

My mom, I don't know her, long story short, she left when I was really young, god knows where. But I don't need her, all I need is my dad.

Oh shit I'm going to be late to school, great my first day is starting off very good I might say, hint of sarcasm if you didn't pick it up.

"Bye baby boy." I coo and kiss Scooby on the top of his head, he licks my cheek as a goodbye and I leave to school making sure I grabbed my keys so I can get in and my phone.

I walk to school, it takes me about ten minutes, I'm at school and go in through the big double doors. High school. I go straight to the office and the principal sees me.

"Oh hi, you must be the new girl." She says nicely. I nod, and she motions me to follow her, I follow her to my new locker.

"This is your locker if you have any questions you can come to the office and look for me." She says, I nod once again and opened my locker.

She leaves and I put some stuff in my locker that I don't need or to decorate my locker. I was done so I locker my locker up and turned around only to be bumped into Someone making the few books I hand in my hands fly away.

"I'm s-s-s-sorry." A boy around my age say and kneels down to pick them up.

"It's ok." I help him and we look at each other at the same time making our faces like two inches apart, well this is awkward.

"Hi." He greets me.

"Hi." I greet back.

"You must be the n-n-n-new girl." He stutters.

"Yeah." I reply. He noticed we were so close to kissing and backs away standing up with the books.

He reaches his hand out for me and I take it. I stand up and take a good look at him, he's kinda cute.

"I'm sorry for y-y-y-you know, throwing your b-b-b-books." He apologizes again.

"I already said it's fine." I reply.

"What's your name?" I ask wanting to know.

"It's B-B-B-Bill." He stutters again, he tends to do that a lot.

"Bill, I like it, I'm Y/n." I introduced myself.

"I l-l-l-like your name too Y/n." He said. I blushed a little and I think he saw because his smile grew.

"Can I see your s-s-s-schedule?" He asks. I reach for my back pocket and grab my schedule.

"Here." I hand him my schedule, he looks at it.

"We have t-t-t-three classes together." He says.

"Really." I say happy that I have him for three classes, at least I won't be alone in those three classes.

"Hey there he is." A guy with curly hair and big glasses says.

"Hey R-R-R-Richie." Bill said to the boy I'm guessing is Richie, so they know each other.

Then comes more boys, one with a cast on his arm and it says Loser but in red has a big v on the s making it look like lover.

Another guy with curly hair but taller, a guy with darker skin color and a small chubby guy.

"Well hello gorgeous, I'm Richie nice to meet you." Richie said getting in front of Bill and resting his arm on the lockers.

"Hi, I'm Y/n." I reply nicely me being the nice girl I am.

"Richie leave the girl alone." The guy with cast says.

"Shut up Eddie." Richie said standing up straight now.

"S-s-s-sorry these guys are not like this all the t-t-t-time." Bill says now standing in front of Richie.

"What do you mean, we're like this all the time." Richie argues back. Then the bell rings.

"Well I have to go to first period, see you guys later." I say grabbing my books.

"See you second period Y/n." Bill said, hey he didn't stutter.

"See you there Bill." I wave and make my way to first period.


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