I'm back! (Sort of)

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Hey Guys! I'm finally back and I'm so sorry for being gone for so long. And I also apologize because what I'm about to say may disappoint you. I think I'm just gonna leave this story up for adoption. It's just that I've kind of moved away from the Sky Army, started watching Vanoss and the others, and with all the drama going on between them, I just don't feel like writing it anymore. Once again, I'm so sorry, but hopefully someone will pick this up and keep it going strong. Maybe I'll keep writing, but I probably won't be about real people unless I'm bored or just feel like it. So if you see me post something again, imagine something like Horror characters to celebrate Halloween, Dragon Ball Z, and other stuff. So until then, this has been A.K, and I'm finally back!

........... Sort of.

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