Chapter Six

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The house reeked of smoke.

Smoke and sex.

It had always been like that.

Growing up Samantha had always had to deal with random men coming and going from her mother's bedroom, whether early mornings or late at nights.

She had long given up the thought of having a normal life. A normal family. She had grown to become accustomed to who her mother really was. A drunk and a coward. She never stood up for her only child when the abuse from the men left from her to Samantha.

Only child.

She wasn't.

The revelation of the lies her own mother had been feeding her all these years was still fresh and burdened her heavily.

She couldn't cope with the truth and as much as she despised adapting her mother's despicable habits that she herself hated, she couldn't help it.

She had begun drinking again and tonight was one of those nights when she needed help processing all that had led up to her discovering the truth about her entire life.

She was not an only child.

She was just the only one her mother had kept behind.

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