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Third P. O. V.

"Lahlani, I am sorry I shouldn't have even left your side. I'm sorry that you had to go through that." Nathan says with sympathy laced within his voice.

"Its fine. Nathan it's not your fault. Besides from what I remember I stood my ground I'm just glad that they're gone hopefully they won't come back. I'm surprised though you kicked Cam's ass twice and still nothing." Lahlani says with her head resting peacefully on his shoulder.

Anna had left over half an hour ago. After calming down Lahlani. And clearing things up. It only took an hour and a half.
They sat in silence for the next few minuets not an awkward silence but it was a peaceful and comfortable silence in a way.

"Uhh, Lahlani there is something I need to tell you. But please don't get mad. Because I haven't been completely honest with you... Again. I already feel like an asshole enough because of this." Nathan say looking down at Lahlani looking into her big brown eyes as she stares at him in confusion.

"Nathan, come on just tell me. It's probably not even that bad. After everything that's happened today I'm sure I won't be mad. I don't even think I have any anger left." Lahlani says giving him a weak smile moving her head from Nathan's shoulder to his lap trying to get a little more comfortable. Causing Nathan to pull the curls that sat on her face behind her ear and caressing her face admiring her beautiful caramel skin.

"I'm sorry, I didn't tell you this before but... I've been deployed-"

"What?" Lahlani raises her head from Nathan's lap now sitting up straight beside him.

"Nathan, did I hear you correctly? Did you just say that you've been deployed?" She asks looking at him feeling as if her heart just dropped out of her chest.

"Yes,... I am so sorry Bella. I should've told you a long time ago." Nathan says trying to wrap his arms around her. But Lahlani only pushed him away her eyes beginning to water.

"A long time ago? How long have you known?" Lahlani question standing up.

"Well I've know since my debriefing. I didn't tell you because I was so excited that you woke up from your coma and the babies were okay. I was going to tell you after the baby shower but you went into labor at your baby shower and the twins were born but they were having problems and they were born way too early. So, you were upset and I was upset it was just hard to bring it up at the time." Nathan explain grabbing ahold of Lahlani's hand puling her back down to sit beside him.

"Yes, I understand that but you still could've told me because we would've gotten through it. I really wish you would've told me earlier so that, that way I would've been prepared. I'm tired of you just tip-toeing around me.like I am fragile or something. Like you said the twins were just born you can't just leave. I can't believe your keeping secrets from me again. After everything you are still lying to me." Lahlani pouts staring into Nathan's eyes.

"I know. And again I'm sorry. I don't want to leave either but it part of my job. I will be back before you even know it. It will be like last time I was back sooner than you thought."

"Nathan, that's because I was in a coma. I don't even know what day it was when I woke up... Your right It comes with the job. I should've known what I was getting myself into. I mean I don't even know why I am upset. I'm dating and have children with a military man... So how long are you going to be gone this time?" Lahlani rolls her eyes.

"I'm sorry Bella but I can't say that information is classified." Nathan says and again Lahlani pushes his arms off of her not wanting to be touched at the moment.

"Bella please don't be like that."

"I don't want you to leave again... Can you at least tell me where you are going?" Lahlani sobs out as tear slowly fall from her eyes.
"No, I'm sorry but I can't tell you that either its all classified information. But I do leave in 2 weeks."

Lahlani only nods looking down at her lap breaking eye contact with Nathan.
Nathan sighs before placing his hand under Lahlani's chin. Tilting her head upwards so that she's looking at him. Gently he whiped her tears away but only more tears fall. Not being able to look away she closes her eyes. Causing more tears to fall.

"Bella please stop crying." Nathan pleads wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her in closer so that her head would now be resting on his shoulder.
"So I'm not going to know how long you are going to be away from the twins and I?"

"No, Lahlani I'm truly sorry. If it makes you feel any better when I'm not getting ready for deployment I will be spending as much time as possible with you and the twins. All the way up until the day I leave."

"What would make me feel better is if you didn't even have to leave at all. I hate your job. Its dangerous and your always gone. You haven't even been back for long. It's maybe been only 3 or 4 months since you've been back and I wasn't even awake the first 2 weeks. Its not fair."

Nathan rubs circles on her back trying to calm her down.
"Bella, do you still have that necklace I gave you before I left?" Nathan asks.
"Of coarse I would never take this off." Lahlani says slightly pulling out of the hug reaching into her shirt and pulling out the necklace that was tucked into her shirt.

Nathan feels a smile starting to make its way onto his face upon hearing her say that she'd never take off the necklace. Hearing this meant a lot to him.

"I got you another tag for it." Nathan smiles pulling away and walking over to his hag unzipping it. Instantly seeing the 2 red boxes. Nathan grabs that biggest one in the bag being that it was a rectangular shape. Leaving the other smaller box in the bag. Zipping up his bag he makes his way back over to Lahlani opening the box.

"See." He smiles hold the box out in front of her. Staring at the gold tags a smile forms on her face. Noticing words engraved on each of the 2 tags she looks a little closer.

Realizing what was engraved on the 2 slightly different tags her smile grows even wider.

"Do you like it?"
"I love it."

On the tags both there twins name we're on both sides of both tags.

On the front it read, Alonzo. And on the back it said Mehlani.

"Why don't you open it and see what's inside." Nathan smiles watching as Lahlani looked up at him in surprise.

Slowly opened the tag. Revealing to 2 pictures of Alonzo and Mehlani.

"The twins had to have been only 8 weeks old in these pictures."
"Yeah they were I remember putting them in these outfits." Lahlani respinds with a weak smile reminiscing on how small they were.

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