twenty eight

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hey guys this is in Jongup and Junhong's perspective bc I haven't written about just them yet

Jongup stirred awake by the sound of cars outside the window. The sunlight was peeking through the closed curtains as Jongup opened his eyes. He turned to find Junhong fast asleep next to him. Jongup smiled to himself and stretched. He checked his phone to see the time was 12:30pm and he sighed.

How could I have slept in so late? I'm usually up by nine on weekends.

Jongup set his phone down and rolled over to face Junhong who had the blanket all the way up to his nose and was snoring peacefully. Jongup ran his hand through his boyfriend's soft hair admiring how pure he looked.

When he sleeps, I see all the purity in the world.

Jongup took his phone and quickly snapped a picture of his boyfriend. He held his shoulder and nudged him gently.

"Junhong~ You need to wake up, love. It's noon." Junhong stirred in his sleep and grumbled. "Junhong get up," Jongup stated a little louder. All his boyfriend did was shake his head and go further into the covers. Jongup sighed and sat up grabbing the covers and throwing them off his boyfriend. Junhong whined in protest.

"Uppie, what the f-"

"Ah ah! Don't curse at me this early in the afternoon, Junhong." Junhong grumbled, turned on his back, and rubbed his eyes.

"Why shouldn't I? You woke me up from a great dream," Junhong stated sassily in his morning voice. Jongup raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

"Whatever it was, its over now and you need to get ready for the day. Get up," Jongup stated firmly. Junhong groaned even louder and kicked his legs.

"No, I don't want to."

"What did you just tell me?" Junhong shrinked and looked up at his boyfriend through his eyelashes.

"N-nothing," he sputtered out. Jongup glared at Junhong. He crawled over to his boyfriend and straddled his hips making Junhong close his eyes. Jongup rolled his hips a little bit earning a small moan escape from
Junhong's mouth.

"Are we that needy?" Jongup teased as he increase the friction between the thin fabric of their shorts. Junhong nodded shamelessly as he gripped Jongup's thighs. He dug his nails into them and it was Jongup's turn to moan.

"Don't tease me, Jongup." Jongup raised an eyebrow.

"When do you get to tell me what to do?" He asked. Junhong groaned and threw his head back and Jongup slowly rolled his hips directly on Junhong's crotch. Junhong moved his hands up to Jongup's hips and tried to push him down further onto his throbbing member but failed as Jongup got off of his lap.

"What the hell, babe?" Junhong asked breathing heavily.

"That woke you up didn't it?"

"Well, yeah! What else would it do?"

"Then my work here is done. Get up and around while I make breakfast, okay?" Jongup smiled mischievously.

"Hey, no that's not fair! Jongup come back, please!" Junhong was taking to a door by the time he finished his plea. "That boy really is something." Junhong got up and went to the bathroom to finish Jongup's unfinished work.

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