Chapter V

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  Carlos and Jay had both finally made it back to their dorm, after a long period of navigating the campus. Upon entering their dorm, Carlos walked over, and collapsed onto his bed, back first.

"Home sweet home," he said, before peering over to Jay, who had walked over to the bathroom to change into a new outfit for the rest of the day. Carlos rolled over in his bed, and reached under the bed, to grab a fresh outfit for himself. He withdrew a pair of khakis, a black and white sweater, a white polo, and a pair of socks. He sat up from the bed, and headed over to the bathroom.

"Hurry, cause I have to change too!" He yelled in to Jay.

Jay turned around, nodded to the other, and threw his swimming shorts to Carlos.

"Put those in the laundry basket for me?"

Carlos barely caught the shorts, and frowned before dropping his own clothes, and turning to the opposite side of the room to the laundry basket. Carlos sauntered over, throwing the shorts into the basket, before turning around to face Jay again. This time, Jay was simply standing in the door of the bathroom, shirtless, in nothing but his underwear. Carlos blinked, and focused on the other.

"Um, did you need anything?" Carlos finally said.

"Yeah, some deodorant," Jay replied.

Carlos nodded and walked over to Jay's nightstand, grabbing a bar of deodorant. He then turned back to the other, and walked over, handing him the bar of deodorant.

"Thanks bro," Jay said, grabbing the deodorant.

"You're welcome."

Carlos then picked his outfit back off of the floor, and slumped against the bathroom door, watching the other apply deodorant. A few times, Carlos would catch Jay staring over at him in the bathroom mirror, and they would meet eyes, but neither of them asked about it. Soon, Jay had a new outfit on, and stepped out of the bathroom.

"There you go," Jay gestured for the bathroom as he headed towards his bed.

Carlos nodded and stepped inside, setting his outfit on the counter. He slipped off his swimming shorts, and toss them out the bathroom, towards Jay, hitting him on the back with the wet shorts.

"Oops—" Carlos faked, as if he hadn't intended to hit him, when he knew he did. He was only teasing the other.

Jay turned around, picking up the swimming shorts, and threw them over to the dirty clothes basket, making it in from 7 feet away.

"Nice," Carlos said, before turning back to put on his clothes. He sat on the bathroom counter, and slid on his socks, before putting on the rest of his clothes. Soon, he stepped out of the bathroom and headed over to grab his shoes from next to his bed.

"Hey, I just got a text from Mal and Evie. They want us to meet them in their dorm?" Jay said, looking up from his phone.

Carlos slid on his shoes, and looked over to Jay.

"Alright, tell them we're on the way," Carlos said.

Jay nodded, before typing onto his phone. Carlos stood up after he had his shoes on, and stepped over to open the door. Jay put his phone into his pocket, and followed Carlos to the door. When Carlos opened the door, he was met with an unpleasant surprise.

"Audrey..." he muttered.

Before he could say anything else, Audrey shoved Carlos out of the way, planting a kiss on Jay's cheek.

"You bailed on me earlier, so now you absolutely have to make up for it, Jay-boo!" She said, in an annoying cheerful tone.

"Nice offer babe, but I was just about to hang with my friends," Jay said.

But before Jay could protest, Audrey grabbed his hand, and pulled him out of the room. Before she left, she turned, waving bye to Carlos.

"I'll bring him back in one piece, I promise! Toodles!"

Jay turned to Carlos too, mouthing the words "I'll be there in a bit." Audrey then pulled Jay along out into the hall. Carlos nodded, frowning slightly. He stepped out into the hall, closing the dorm door, and headed in the opposite direction of Audrey and Jay, towards Mal and Evie's dorm.

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