Thirty five.

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I downed another glass of Vodka as I buried my cock deep into the throat of the brunette girl that was knelt down before me. I groaned against the glass at my lips. All the liquor and women in the world couldn't satisfy the depths of my forbidden thirst. My subconscious searched for my pet in every woman that I ravaged. Searched for my little Eva in every woman that freely fell to my feet. All brunette, all brown eyes, I longed to see her face, so I searched for it in the face of the girls that had some similarities to her looks. It wasn't enough, no one could maintain the beast that hungered for her presence. I put the glass on the table beside me and my fingers ripped into the girls hair, she yelped at my sudden forceful grip. I pushed into her throat, trying to find the warmth of Eva's mouth in this girls. I closed my eyes and envisioned my little pet's tongue twirling around my length, her saliva dripping down my skin. I growled at her thoughts, thrusting harder, never stopping as my mind took me places that only consisted of everything that was Eva. My breath came in heavy and thick as I pounded the girl's mouth, she was gagging and choking around my enflamed cock. I shoved and shoved deep into her throat, my vision only seeing the girl I'd destroyed, the girl I'd ruined, my pet, my Eva. My fingers dug into the girls skull as I emptied my load onto her tongue, I pulled out and watched my cum drip out the corner of her lips, she swallowed hard, her eyes still watering at intensity that my cock brought to her tight throat. I cleaned up and pulled my zipper up. Turning my back to her, I was done, she could leave. 'Out.' I clenched my teeth, my mind roaring with unsatisfied thoughts of Eva. The girl rushed to her feet and left. I let out a breath and looked at my hands. The hands that had ended many lives, including Viktor's and now.. Mason's. I felt no remorse as I'd strangled my father to death with these very hands. My hunt had came to an end and now I was left with broken memories of the pet I'd abandoned. The more I wasted time in this foreign country the more I ached to find the girl that burned my insides.

I knew the police would be looking for me if I ever stepped close to Eva, if I wanted her back in my arms, at my mercy I had to be smart, I had to be careful. I swallowed another shot to my throat, letting the alcohol burn me as I allowed the beast in me to take over. It was thriving off the thought of what belonged to it. It churned at the idea of taking back what was his. I walked into the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror. I really did look like a monster. The monster that she fell in love with. The monster that was going to claim her back, possess her again. I, was going to get back what was rightfully mine and this time, no one could take her away from me, I wouldn't hesitate to get rid of anyone that came in between me and my property. For I, owned her.

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