Chapter Forty-Eight» You Win

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" Do you still love him"

A voice spoke behind me. The utter resentment in the words of the master sending chills down my spine. The hair at the back of my neck seemed to rise, like the tips of a sharp knife were being scraped against my flesh.

An incoherent whisper dwelled past my ears. Allowing my movements to be stopped abruptly. As though a remote control was being summoned on to my body and with a flick of switch, I was at the command. Just as that, my body came to an abrupt stop; whilst feeling my heart drop at the pit of my stomach.

Glancing over the shadow of my shoulder. I was greeted to the sight of dark furious eyes staring at me. The light blue orbs now reflecting the storm shuddering in the skies outside.

His jaw was clenched tightly; causing the fresh red bruise to stand out evidently. Making it clear to anyone who saw, that he had been in the midst of trouble.

The calm exterior look on his face now rattled with anger. Unable to be masked as the man stepped forward. Now standing before me.

All accusing eyes felt upon me. Holding me a prosecutor against a crime I hadn't committed. Against a crime I had no relations to.

" I'm asking you a question Naina, do you still love him?"

Aman loud voice snapped. Echoing  sharply across the now eerily quiet hallway. Alarming the midnight air as I shifted on my feet, now fully facing him.

The look on his face held no secret. He was beyond angry. Inhaling a hesitant breath I glanced upwards at my brother, not able to trust my words, and soon enough shook my head. Indicating a no.

I wasn't in love with Omar. I had never been in love with Omar.

" I-I don't love him, Aman. I never have" I spoke hoping my words would satisfy his curiosity yet the spark in his eyes told me another tale.

Daring to glance away from him, my eyes fell upon my three other brothers. Crowding the open hallway in front of the door. Their curious eyes trained on my every movement. Each one holding their emotions, each one deciphering their theory; yet no one of them knew the truth and in a way. Neither did I.

The bright lights became the sole focus of my eyes. Burning through my vision making me blink rapidly. Wanting this interrogation to be stopped.

" Aman I'm not a child anymore. So if you're finished with this interrogation. Can I go to sleep now?" I snapped harshly seeing his jaw tighten. His bruised knuckles brushing past his blonde hair.Shaking his head, Aman's jaw moved in a circular motion before he spoke. His words piercing through me.

" Why do I feel like you're lying. You aren't telling me the truth. I saw the way he looked at you and the look in your eyes. Tell me the truth Naina"

Aman sneered maliciously making the last straw of patience snap. The withheld emotions I've bottled inside slowly bubbling up. Daring to be released. Reaching towards the long bandana scarf across my head it flew on to the floor, followed by the heavy leather jacket. Weighing a ton onto my shoulders, like a curse, I had to carry with me for eternity.

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