Chapter 2: Trusted Friends

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A/N: For le whole chappy, it's in Fourth's POV

Seems like we have a new future diary holder, Fifteenth.


Man, yesterday was all just too weird. My [Dull Diary] could now somehow tell me the Future. And to make matters worse, I'm not the only person in the world that has a Future Diary. There are fourteen other Future Diary Holders that are out there killing each other for the privilege to become the new 'God' of Time and Space. Honestly, I have no intention of becoming 'God', but I don't think that'll stop the other fourteen Future Diary Holders from trying to kill me. I need to find a way out of this sick and deranged game before I find myself dead.

I lied down in my bed, checking the contents of my [Dull Diary] to see if any of the other sixteen Diary Holders would find me. I let out a sigh of relief once the words 'Dead End' never came across the screen of my [Dull Diary]. After a few seconds of staring at the screen, I closed my eyes and opened them. Suddenly, I appeared on my platform in the Cause and Effect Holy Hall again.

"Oh, look who it is, Yuki. It's the Fourth." Yuno pointed to me while sitting on her throne with Murumuru on her lap.

"Yes? What is it, Fourth?" Yukiteru asked.

"Hey uh, I was just wondering there a way for me to leave this game without being killed? I mean, everyone else in the game seems to take interest in becoming God. But I don't, I have no interest or intent on becoming God whatsoever." I said while staring at the other circular platforms and noticed that none of the other Future Diary Holders were there. Thank God, maybe I could actually relax a little bit longer.

"Sorry, but I'm afraid that you've been chosen to partake in this survival game. Once you've been chosen, I'm afraid that you're going to have to participate or else we'll have no other choice but to erase your existence." Yukiteru sighed.

"What? You two are gods aren't you? Can't you just erase my memory or something? Or if you can't, why don't you just give my [Diary] to someone else? Yeah, that'll work. I'll just give my [Diary] to someone else and then..." I immediately shut my mouth and took a step back once an axe appeared out of nowhere and lodged itself on my circular platform.

"You are not allowed to leave the game since you know of its existence...unless you want me to erase your existence right now." Yuno glared at me as she raised her hand above her head and then the axe that was lodged into my circular platform instantly disappeared and reappeared in her hand.

"I uhhh...n-nevermind, I'll just stay in the game then. But it against the rules of the survival game to tell other people who aren't involved about the Future Diaries? Will they be involved in the game if I tell them? Will they get their own Diaries as well?" I asked nervously while trying not to stare at the axe in Yuno's hand.

"No, it's not against the rules to tell other people who aren't involved in the game about your Future Diary. But I will warn you though that it could be very dangerous doing something as careless and reckless as that. Because remember, you have no idea who the other Future Diary Holders are. If you were to tell anyone that you were a Future Diary Holder, your so called 'Friends' could be working with the other Future Diary Holders." Yukiteru stated.

"What? Are you saying that my friends are working with the other Future Diary Holders?" My eyes widened at the thought of my friends betraying me.

"Maybe, but then again, maybe not. All we're trying to tell you is that you should be very wary of every move that you make. This is a survival game after all; anything you do will affect your chances of living throughout this game." Yuno stated.

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