Calm The Fire: 29

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Again, hearing a knock on the door, Náriel turned. She had almost finished packing, now she just sat on the bed looking towards the large windows. The sun light was slowly fading and was casting a warm orange glow over everything. The tree tops which she could see were bathed in the warming glow which caused the green leaves to shimmer in the light and seeming transform in colour.

Looking over her shoulder, she slowly stood. She felt tired, she had spent most of the afternoon rushing about the room cleaning up and packing her stuff away. She already stood in her dress for the evening. A two toned dress, the under-layer of which was a light golden colour, and the over-lay was of a rich emerald colour. The sleeves hung loose and long, overtaking the tips of her fingers by inches. Walking towards the door she had to lightly sweep the trail out of the way. It followed after her along the stone flooring silently.

“Pinig, man ceridh?” Náriel smiled and slowly crouched down to look at Dis. The younger girl just smiled and rocked on her heels. “What brings you here, Dis?” In reply Dis held out her hand. Náriel looked at her sceptically but with a warm smile. “What are you up to, hm?”

“Ah! That I can't tell you.”

“You know your brother said a similar thing to me earlier on?” Náriel stood and placed her hand into the smaller hand which was still held out to her, unfaltering. “Does secrecy run in your family?” She questioned while walking out of her room and shutting the door behind her. She tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, she had decided to keep her hair down. It loosely hung about her shoulders and down her back with a light curl.

Being led down torch lit corridors, Náriel couldn’t help but look around, there were many parts of the Mountain which she hadn't visited, seen, or even knew about. This was one of those such corridors.

“Where are we going, Dis?” Náriel smiled down at her smaller escort, she just smiled up at her. “Still not talking, hm?” Dis shook her head and let go of her hand to run towards a door. She put her hands on the handle and swung it open. Gesturing a hand to Náriel, she frowned confused yet walked over. Looking into the darkened room, she looked to Dis. “Really?”


Náriel rolled her eyes and stepped into the room. She sighed and flinched when torches sparked into life and numerous calls filtered through the air.

Náriel put her hands over her ears and winced from the sudden light and sounds. “You!” She exclaimed and pointed at Thorin, he looked confused, or at least tried to look confused, it failed miserably. He just ended up shrugging and walking forwards. “You scheming Dwarf, you!”

“I can't even deny that.” Thorin replied.

“And you roped Dis into your schemes?”

“And me,” Frerin appeared by Thorin's side. “Though, it didn't take much. Dis seemed more than up for helping out here.” At this Dis appeared in front of both of her brothers and nodded.

Náriel looked around, “Thank you,” she smiled. Sure, most of the gathered she had only briefly met, but that was fine by her. It was the thought that counts, after all. Frowning lightly she looked up at the siblings. “You do realize your grandfather has organised a similar thing?” At this all three exchanged a look. “You didn't know?” She smiled, “Oh dear,” shaking her head she turned and gestured to the door. “Perhaps we can all say farewell together in the same space, instead of two different rooms?”

“I think that's a good idea,” Frerin said while putting his hands on Dis's shoulders. “Or else someone will come searching for us, you know they will.” He looked to Thorin who nodded slowly agreeing with him.

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