Paint Slip N Slide

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-paint (you can use fabric paint if you want to make your shirt or washable paint if you just want to get clean fast!)

-long rectangular plastic sheet

-white tshirt 


1. lay your sheet over a grassy area

2. put on your white shirt- you are going to get messy

3. take your paint in bottles and squeeze it all out on the plastic sheet

4. make sure you cover it pretty well and its blotchy

5. now its ready to slip 'n slide through!

 tip #1 I would suggest having a sprinkler towards the end of the slip n slide that way you can run through and cool off or have a water balloon fight after 

 tip #2 do multiple slides for multiple color croups (brights, warms, cools, etc.) --- I think this is super cute and fun! It'd be great to do with a group of friends on a summer day!! plus setting up would be fun

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