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Nawsheen's point of view

"No, that's just the thing I want from you for having hurt me so much," he said sarcastically, wiggling his eyelashes in the most feminine way a male could get.

"B-but why don't you just ask me to,..I don't know, make your bed or clean your room. I can even do your part of gardening," I tried, knowing he wouldn't change his mind, but I tried.

"Well, if you're mine for three months, I can ask you these things," He replied.

The lunch bell rang. I slipped away before he could catch me and said "Goodbye."

"No, you're going nowhere head-girl," He threatened and dragged me behind a nearby tree where no one could see us. I thought I would feel scared, but I didn't. Instead, my heart was racing and hammering against my ribs really hard. It could escape anytime now. No, that wasn't fear because I was grinning arrogantly. Why was I? I don't know.

"You should really stop with me," I stated.

"After three months Cookie," He said, leaning closer and I leaned back, of course but hit against the trunk. It feels like some of the Wattpad stories I read...

 "Cookie?" I chuckled,"Now what? Want me to call you cupcake?" I said sarcastically.

"Not bad, Cookie, yes, I would like to," he tapped his chin. What? "Actually no. But you have to be under my command. Else, I'll complai-ain!" He said like a little kid, which sounded irritating. Is that bullying? He's not hurting me though. I think that's blackmailing.

Complain? But, I would definitely be expelled then...

"Okay..." I said hesitantly. My smile had disappeared long before. What the hell ? Isn't there another solution to this ?

"Good girl," he whispered and kissed my forehead. I felt tiny tingles from my forehead. Stupid hormones!

"Wait", I said,"There's going to be restrictions," I smirked. Wowww, I love smirking.

"Anything you wish, Cookie," He smirked too. Hey, that's COPYRIGHTED!

"Okay, so, firstly, you can't touch me nor kiss me nor flirting.You should understand that as you're a muslim. Secondly, I won't do any chores and thirdly, since I'm 'yours', you can't date anyone, nor kiss anyone, nor flirt with anyone," I stated, basically removing everything from his routine. Fortunately we will have some peace without him flirting with a girl every week.

"Hmm... that's torture but fine," He said, still smirking. I patted his cheeks and pinched it before going away.

"Good boy, now go and put on a shirt before Arts," I said and headed towards the dining hall. I mean, he could get any girl be his, yet he chose me, the most annoying girl anyone ever met. I think he did that in purpose. Well, I'm going to make him realise his mistake.

The dining hall is basically a huge hall where there were circular tables and chairs, accompanied by some crudités.

I had a goofy grin plastered on my face. I should probably stop, considering the fact that I'm the serious head-girl. I put on my mature-face on and sat next to Alicia and Sally, my best friends.

"So, now you've got Prince Charming, you forget us!" cried Alicia dramatically.

"Shut up, he's everything but charming," I laugh while admiring my plate. YUMMY!!! For lunch, we had roasted chicken sandwiches, juice, some ripe plums and a generous slice of peach cake. Oh, yeah there was hydrogen oxide too. Joking, it's water. Haha, I'm so funny.


"What happened during Chemistry?" asked Sally, leaning forward. Alicia nodded and I slapped my face. Gossip spreads like wildfire here.

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