Chapter 3

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Rowan acted as if she didn't notice when he came in. She didn't want to raise alarm, she had to keep her cool long enough to make sure Reese didn't see her run off with the man who had threatened her life less than twenty four hours ago. Harry watched her from the doorway, leaning slightly against the wall and laying low knowing that a gang of her men were present with her wherever she went. A small smirk danced across his lips as he noticed the necklace that still clung around her neck, swaying back at forth as she moved. He wanted so badly to run up, and take her with him now. He couldn't help but obsess over the princess. She smirked at him from the middle of the dance floor, and looked back to see Reese occupied with a pretty girl. With as much confidence as the alcohol could give her, she waltzed up to Harry.

"May I have this dance?" She asked holding her hand out and he rolled his eyes. A smile sat on his face as he shook his head no.

"I don't dance." This caused Rowan to instantly become annoyed, she tugged his hand lightly and he didn't budge a bit. They both glared before a smirk set on both their lips.

"Don't forget you owe me one." She said, and his eyebrows raised. Her statement caught him by surprise, allowing her to slightly tug him forward. She smiled triumphantly, and pulled him to the middle of the club where she knew no one would see them.

"And how do I owe you one?" He asked as she danced in between his legs and he couldn't help but put his hands on her as she did.

"You know, not telling my brother about the whole showing up to my apartment thing." She giggled, turning so her back was pushed against his chest. Harry was trying his hardest to keep his cool, and be confident in his words but the way she was rubbing against him was making him crazy.

"I'm pretty sure I told you if you did, I'd kill you." He whispered, his lips grazing her ear and she turned around again. Their lips sat inches apart and both of them couldn't help but stare.

"I don't remember it like that. But since I did you such a nice favor, you owe me one." Harry began to become frustrated and he couldn't decide if it was at her or at the distance of their lips.

"Rowan, where have you run off to?" Reese's voice said in her ear and she slightly swore under her breath at the how she was losing time.

"I don't owe you anything, princess." She smirked up at him, leaning her body against his so she could whisper in his ear. His hands fell on her waist pulling her closer.

"I know what you're up to Harry. It's not going to work. And while I'd love to stay and play I have to be off to some royal business." She planted a small kiss on his cheek before taking a few steps away. He stood their angrily, and he hated to see her go but he loved to watch her leave with the confidence everyone had told him about. She turned slightly, throwing a wink over her shoulder. "Don't forget."

She walked away, leaving Harry quite bothered with the thought that she was pretending the night before he hadn't scared her shitless. He didn't owe her anything but she was so convinced he did. Harry stood in the middle of dancing for a minute, before making his way to the bar and ordering a shot. He downed it in a second, before exiting the club through the back and leaving.

Rowan found her way back to the VIP section, and Reese eyed her but didn't say anything. She giggled, pretending to be more drunk than she was. Then Rowan exited the bar with Reese and the other man not far behind her. She entered the white SUV, and giggled at the thought dancing in her head of Harry. She was playing with fire and she knew it, but it was so fun to fuck with his head she couldn't help it.

"Where did you go Rowan? One minute you were dancing in front of me, and then I didn't see you for twenty five minutes."

"Maybe if you were paying attention to me instead of that brunette, you would've saw me in the middle of the dance floor." Rowan wiggled her eyebrows at Reese and he blushed, his silence telling her the conversation was over. He wasn't going to tell Holden anything, and neither was she. They pulled into the driveway of the house, and Rowan lazily brought herself in and up the stairs. Ignoring the calls she heard downstairs, she slipped out of her dress and threw on a big t-shirt. Examining her face in the mirror, she pulled Harry's necklace forward and giggled playing with it in her hands.

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