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Hi I'm Y/n and I moved in to Derry Maine not so long ago two days actually.

I'm 16 and I have a dog his names "Scooby" he's a husky he's black and white, not brown and two black spots on his back but we got him when I was little and Scooby Doo was one of my favorite dogs so I decided to name him that.

So if you have a problem with that then..........I don't care. 👌🏼

He does have a blue collar and a gold tag with his name though. What it's cute.

I was walking Scooby around town to spend some time with him before I start school tomorrow.

I was looking down on my phone looking to check the time.

Then my dumb ass dropped my phone in a huge puddle of water. Oh shit my new iPhone it was floating away with the water that was headed into a storm drain.

I ran after it Scooby running faster.

"No!" I ran after it trying to get ahold of it. Down it went. Fuck, my dad is going to kill me.

I kneeled down to try and see if I could get it. All I could see were two glowing golden eyes staring back at me. Awwww helllll nahhhh.

"Hiya Y/n." It came closer and I could see it was a clown! I said it once and imma say it again AWWW HELLLL NAHHH!!! I hate clowns.

And what the hell is a clown doing in the sewer.

"How do you know my name?" I ask suspiciously meanwhile Scooby started to bark loudly pulling roughly on his leach signaling me that we should leave.

Basically telling me to get the fuck away from there, he's very overprotective of me.

"I know everyone here." He replied.

"Im Pennywise the dancing clown." He said weirdly.

"Ummm." I mumble nervously.

"Is this your phone?" He said holding up my phone, then Scooby started to pull on his leash even harder.

"Yes." I reply.

"Scooby calm down." I tried to calm the dog while trying to get my phone from the damn clown so I could get the fuck away.

"Do you want it back?" He asks, nooooo, I don't want my phone back I just decided out of no where to randomly talk to a clown in a sewer you know.

"Yes, please." I replied trying to be nice.

"Here take it." I don't know, what if he pulls me down, hells no I'm not doing that shit.  

And if any harder or louder Scooby barked even louder and pulled his leash hard enough to pull me falling out my ass.

I'm surprised the neighbors haven't came out to check what all the noise was about with how loud Scooby's barks were.

But it's for a reason I know him, he wouldn't be acting like this or barking this loudly if it wasn't for a reason.

Something's wrong, well no shiz theres a freaking crazy, creepy ass clown in a sewer, Derry Maine everybody!

"Ohhh, come on take it." He teased. Ok I'm doing it. I quickly grabbed the phone from his hands and he started to chuckle. I backed away from the drain.

"Oh Y/n I'll be seeing you around more." He chuckled louder as he went down, what the actual fuck.

I got up from the side of the road, Scooby stopped barking and ran pulling me with him.

"Hold up!" We made our way back home, I hope I won't see anymore of him around.

Huh, Pennywise the dancing clown, what kind of name is that.


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